Who Is Caleb Williams? The Duggar Family Friend Arrested for Assault

Ever since the news broke earlier this week that the Duggars‘ family friend, Caleb Williams, was arrested for sexual assault, fans have been trying to learn more about him. And now that his social media accounts have been shut down, it’s even harder to find any information. But with a little careful sleuthing, we were able to get some deets — and here’s what we know so far.

Who is Caleb Williams?

Fans first heard about him when he was rumored to be courting one of the Duggar girls. After he was spotted out to dinner with the family in September 2017, Counting On viewers became convinced that he must be at least exploring the idea of a relationship with Jana Duggar. After all, they were of relatively similar ages — and, more importantly, all the other older girls were already married. Though the two weren’t sitting anywhere near each other in the photo, theories quickly started to circulate.

Caleb was spotting hanging out with the family frequently in now-deleted posts from his social media pages. However, in January 2018, he finally shut all the courting rumors down. “Now to clear the fog and avoid any confusion: Read my lips… I am not dating Jana Duggar,” he wrote on Facebook. “Over the past several months since an extremely unflattering image was posted by my friends and spread across the world faster than a viral cat video, there has been speculation regarding a relationship between myself and Jana… The extent of our relationship is purely friends and nothing more.”

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How old is Caleb Williams?

According to court documents obtained by Radar Online, he was born December 2, 1994, which means that Caleb is 24 years old. He’s only about a month-and-a-half older than Joseph Duggar and nearly a year or so younger than Jinger Duggar.

Where is Caleb Williams from?

Though his family is from Lincoln, IL, Caleb was living in Springdale, AR for a while during the period of time that he was frequently seen with the Duggars. However, the charges against him claim that his alleged crimes took place in Illinois between May 2015 and May 2018. While he’s awaiting trial, he’s required to stay in Illinois, though court documents say that his mother, Dawn Williams, paid his bail.

Is Caleb Williams as religious as the Duggars?

Though the the famous family doesn’t associate with many people who don’t share their values, Caleb was rumored to be more progressive than his friends. At the time that he was suspected to be dating Jana, rumors emerged that he was more “liberal” than the Duggars. “He’s been close friends with the family for many years,” a source told Radar Online. “They have similar belief systems, but he’s a bit different in his thinking. He’s maybe somewhat more liberal.”

What are the charges against Caleb Williams?

In the court documents obtained by Radar, the bill in indictment includes two charges. In both, Caleb is accused of aggravated criminal sexual abuse, a Class 2 Felony. The first charge alleges that he “committed an act of sexual penetration” with his finger against a victim between the ages of 13 and 17. The second charge is for “an act of sexual penetration” with his penis against the same victim. Caleb plead not guilty to both charges, however, and is awaiting his next court date in January.

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What have the Duggars said about the charges?

Though they haven’t made any official statement, sources close to the family have spoken with Radar Online. “The Duggars of all people know what it’s like to be reamed by the media,” an insider revealed to the outlet, referencing to Josh Duggar‘s past scandals. “To them, it’s just another day and another story.”

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