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So I found out today I have an interview at 2pm for shelving books at a library. I didn't plan on getting a job on campus, but then I realized I have more free time than I thought and need money. I didn't bring any dress shoes or nice shirts or anything. The nicest thing I have is jeans, a blue and gray t shirt that only has buttons on the top, and tennis shoes….

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Am I fucked?


Maybe not. Campus jobs are pretty casual. Just pick the nicest things out of all the stuff you've brought and be honest, level with the interviewer that you're sorry that you dressed so casually, that you didn't really anticipate a lot of formal events that would require a nice outfit.

Pretty sure they would understand.

Yeah I did two interviews in shorts and a t-shirt because it was 100° and I got both jobs. Worry moreso about the content of your interview if you're on campus

Agree, You're probably fine but make sure everything is clean including the shoes and yourself.

If you're broke and would like something a little nicer, head down to the local thrift store or overstock discount store and pick out a solid color polo or check button down shirt and a pair of flat front khakis for under 20 bucks.

It'll go with whatever tennis shoes you have and won't look overly dressy. And you'll probably wear them later too.

Thrift stores generally have those two items in abundance. Wal-mart and target have these items too but tend to be crap quality and not much less expensive than department stores.

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Nothing special. Nice casual clothes.i guess it depends on the job but I don't think they're formal. Disclaimer: I'm in Southern California where casual clothes are acceptable almost anytime.

The only time i dressed somewhat nice for a campus interview was for a supervisor position where I dressed business casual.

I really don't think anyone on campus cares that much. As long as you don't look like a complete slob you should be fine.

I'm friends with the guy who interviews people for the job I have and he said he checks no on anybody who doesn't at least wear a polo and khakhis. You might want to go out and get an outfit at least fitting business casual like that.

The job involves sitting at a desk at night and swiping people into buildings so it's not exactly a formal job 90% of the time I just do homework.

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