What Happened to Mohamed Jbali From 90 Day Fiancé? See Him Today!

Things are looking good for Mohamed Jbali! One year after the former 90 Day Fiancé star divorced his wife Danielle Mullins, the 26-year-old is giving fans an update from his new hometown of Austin, TX.

“I have been disappeared because I am taking care of some stuff, fixing things in my life,” Mohamed said in the Instagram video. “I’m doing great, making some progress. Everything is working for me. I’m happy at this point.” He also revealed he has been working out and has lost a few pounds. “Done losing weight —10 pounds in 3 weeks,” he captioned a gym selfie. “Now time to boost muscles on a clean body. Wish me luck.”

Mohamed’s update also reassures fans that he has not been deported back to Tunisia after Danielle was attempting to annul her marriage to Mohamed, which would have forced him to give up his green card. Luckily for Mohamed, the couple ultimately went through with a divorce. “I did not talk to Danielle, all I know is I got my divorce. She had a lawyer talking for her,” he said in a Facebook Live video at the time. “The judge said it’s done and that we’re divorced. They asked if I want a divorce or annulment, I said it’s the same for me.”

There’s no question that the couple’s two-and-a-half year marriage was a messy one. After tying the knot in July 2014, Mohamed called the police on his then-wife for opening a DirecTV account in his name, destroying his clothes, and stealing money from him. Danielle also accused Mohamed of cheating on her with various women, including blonde bombshell Luisa Berry. “He said he was going to Florida, but then posted photos from South Carolina to see Luisa,” Danielle told Radar at the time. “Why wouldn’t you take your wife with you? This was while we were married and he was living with me.”

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Meanwhile, Danielle was accused of dating two married men at the same time. This could explain why Mohamed refused to watch the TLC series, which he blames for portraying him as a villain. “I don’t really know what changed, I did not watch the show, I don’t know what’s going on there but this time the amount of support that I am getting from people is unbelievable,” he said. “Everybody’s thanking me, everybody’s telling me I’m a great person, everybody’s telling me I did really good the way I handled the situation. This is really making me happy.”

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As for Danielle, 43, she is expecting another grandchild in October but continues to use Mohamed’s last name on her social media accounts. “A lot of women keep their married name because it costs money to change documents such as drivers license, passport, and then you have time to go change it at other places such as social security, banks, the title for car and house, and so many more places,” she explained. “I have better things to do with my time such as spending time with family, work, school, and studying.”

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