What ‘Counting On’ Cast Wears to the Beach, Pool

The Duggars may have relaxed their dress code over the years, but don’t expect to see any of them in a bikini anytime soon. The family’s commitment to modesty extends even into their swimsuits, which means they’re more likely to wear a long skirt and T-shirt at the beach than anything else. While Jill Dillard may have broken the mould by modeling more modern bathing suits on her Instagram, everyone else is still pretty buttoned up.

The family actually doesn’t hit the beach all that often. In a July 2020 episode of Counting On, parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar revealed that some of their children never even learned to swim. As granddaughter Felicity took her first swim lesson, Jinger Vuolo revealed she’s only just starting to learn, too. “I have a friend who’s been teaching me how to swim,” she explained on the show. “She learned from an instructor like how to teach her kids, and so she’s been teaching me.”

Courtesy Jeremy Vuolo/Instagram

Jim Bob explained that his first few kids all took lessons, but the practice faded out once they had more children to keep an eye on. Jinger, the sixth Duggar kid, never had the opportunity to formally learn. As the family grew, they eventually moved into a house with a pool, and some of the younger kids learned there. As for the middle kids, well, they were out of luck. “There’s a few of them that probably don’t feel really comfortable getting in the water,” Michelle said.

In the past, the Duggars tended to stay away from beaches and public lakes for the most part. Though they enjoyed the occasional day in the water, they made a point of avoiding situations where the male family members could possibly be defrauded by seeing a woman dressed in such a way that it might “stir up desires that cannot be righteously fulfilled.” That meant any trips to the seaside where they might spot someone in a tankini were few and far between.

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Despite that, the DIY-loving family has always been down to rig up a makeshift slip-n-slide at home or get a little crafty creating their own wading pool. Check out the gallery below to see the occasions where the TLC stars went swimming and get a glimpse of what they wore.

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