Weird Olsen Twins Moments That Still Leave Us Completely Baffled

As much as we love Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, the famous twins have been, well, a tad eccentric over the past few years. From their questionably changing looks to showing up to events looking like they’re drowning in their own couture, it’s hard not to look at the former Full House stars and not have questions.

Both Mary-Kate and Ashley have admitted that they prefer their private lives. The ladies run two high-end fashion brands, The Row and Elizabeth and James. Unlike other celebrities with fashion lines, the twins are actually highly respected in the industry. Many of their clientele are rich high-society types who are all significantly older than the Olsens. In fact, it’s for this reason that many of their most loyal customers have no idea that Mary-Kate and Ashley used to be child stars. Considering the women have been saddled with that label all their lives, it’s probably refreshing for them to step into a whole new world where fans don’t ask them to sing “Brother for Sale.”

These days the twins live very private lives and don’t even go on social media. “We don’t dive into that whole world [of social media] and we don’t have Facebook, we’ve never been connected to our fans in that way,” Ashley told The EDIT in 2017. “We’ve stayed quite sheltered in that sense.” Unlike stars like the Kardashians whose businesses are reliant on constant visibility in the public space, the Olsens are the complete opposite. They’ve managed to be quite successful by revealing very little about themselves.

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Although we’ve attempted to answer most questions fans have about the twins, there are still some aspects of the ladies’ lives that are a mystery. Below, all the strange moments that still leave us baffled.

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