Weird AF Eating Habits From the Show

TLC’s show My Strange Addiction featured some seriously weird obsessions, including eating all kinds of things. And we don’t just mean people were addicted to pickles or hamburgers or chocolate. Nope, we’re talking more along the lines of drier sheets or pebbles or plastic. Those aren’t even the least of it — some of the show’s participants took things to an even higher level of horrible. Check out the video above to see the most awful things people put in their mouths on My Strange Addiction.

See what we mean? Things got bad on that show. And though chewing on dirty diapers only made number two on the list, we still can’t get over it. The woman addicted to drinking her own urine was bad enough, but at least it was her urine. Keyshia, on the other hand, loves the smell and, apparently, the taste of baby urine — to the degree that she’ll invite herself over to her friend’s house so that she can literally take the diapers right off her friend’s twins for her next hit. In fact, she’ll even dig through the trash can for any other used diapers that she can take with her for later.

Eating things like that kind of makes being addicted to growing out your toenails seem like small potatoes in comparison, huh? Sure, being obsessed with getting breast enhancement surgery is expensive AF, and it will definitely put a dent in your wallet. But it just doesn’t quite measure up to barging into your friend’s house to wake up her babies and steal the diapers off their bodies. Yep, that’s some next level stuff. Though My Strange Addiction has been off the air since 2015, we love to go down the rabbit hole and rewatch all the old eps when we find it on TV. You might call it our own strange addiction — but at least we’re not sucking on dirty diapers.

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