Watch This Guy Pop All of His Blackheads in One Shot

Another day, another viral pimple popping video.

This man named Jacob Acosta uploaded a video to YouTube where he pops all of his blackheads at once — and to be honest, we have never been so disgusted but fascinated in our lives.

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“I push up on my nose and you’ll see my pores are fairly clogged,” he wrote.

The video has already been viewed almost two million times and let’s just say those who watched have a lot to say in the comments section.


“You need a good astringent and some good facial soap. If you are able to, perhaps you should see a dermatologist,” one alleged skincare expert wrote.

Another sicko user compared it to parmesan cheese (so we will not be eating that anymore).

More than one person explained they broke their nose trying to do this, so we advise fans not try this at home.

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In what appears to be an inside joke between Jacob and somebody, this video got him laid — so there is that.

“That’s cool —100% she wants to sleep with you now,” said the user, to which Jacob replied, “It 100% worked, you should try it.”

Well then, go Jacob!

Watch the video at your own risk!

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