Monster High Viperine Gorgon Dress Up, Viperine Gorgon Dress Up

Now if you want a great makeover, you should probably call Viperine. She’s a gorgon who knows how to make anyone pretty. In fact, she’s the personal makeup artist of the artist, Elissabat. If you want to hang out with someone who’s excitable and passionate about her career, go with Viperine.

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Viperine Gorgon is a girly girl who loves her retro. She wears a floral shift dress, pink boots, and awesome pink snake headband. Here’s everything you need to look like Viperine Gorgon.

How to Make Viperine Gorgon Costume

1 Floral Shift Dress Look hip and retro with this floral shift dress.
2 Pink Knee-High Boots Wow everyone with your pink knee-high boots.
3 Snake Headband Look like a gorgon with this snake headdress.
4 Snake Necklace Stick to the gorgon theme with this snake necklace.
5 Pink Sunglasses Look glam with a pair of pink sunglasses.
6 Pink Spray Paint Stay girly and spray paint your headband and necklace pink.

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7 Blonde Wig with Pink Highlights Look cool with this wig.
8 Kids Costume Set Transform your kid with this costume set.

About Viperine Gorgon

Viperine Gorgon was voiced by Yeni Alvarez.

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