Vanessa Cobbs Gives Life Update Post-Split

The next chapter. Seeking Sister Wife star Vanessa Cobbs is adjusting to her new reality after ending her relationship with the Snowdens. The TLC alum shared a life update post-split and revealed what she’s been up to in recent months.

ICYMI, Vanessa relocated to Australia in the wake of her breakup with Dimitri and Ashley. “Thanks for the love and support. I am taking time to be with my sister in Australia,” she wrote on April 14. The reality star initially kept a low profile after her split was announced, but she has since returned to social media with beaming selfies showing her enjoying the sunset and bonding with friends. On top of that, Vanessa even decided to switch up her look by getting a new piercing!

“It only took me 18 years, but I finally worked up the nerve to get my helix pierced,” she dished in an Instagram post shared in May, alongside a series of photos documenting the process. “People get this piercing all the time, so I have no idea what I was so afraid of — it barely hurt at all! It does look like I was ready to pass out for a sec, but I kept it together lol,” she confessed. Vanessa said she is looking forward to changing the stud into a hoop but is waiting until it fully heals.

Courtesy of Vanessa Cobbs/Instagram

Vanessa’s union with Dimitri and Ashley was short-lived and she left the Snowdens not long after the tell-all was filmed. While sharing her statement online, Vanessa expressed how she still loves them and the children so much, but couldn’t be with the Dimitri and Ashley in the “capacity” they needed her to. Even so, Vanessa said she wishes them nothing but the best going forward.

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Seeking Sister Wife Vanessa Cobbs Life Update Post Split New Piercing
Courtesy of Vanessa Cobbs/Instagram

Just this week, Vanessa shared another statement to clear up some misconceptions about their relationship. The reality star said she still receives comments about the reunion on a daily basis and clarified that her BFF’s remark about Vanessa wanting to be on TV was taken out of context. She also confirmed that her best friend was “not throwing shade” at her and is still her best friend.

“Ashley, Dimitri and I all wanted to someday write, produce and star in our own movies together,” Vanessa explained. “It was something we had in common and one of the things we admired and loved about one another. Unfortunately, our relationship didn’t work out for a number of reasons, but it was very real.” As far as her dating life goes, she’s just enjoying being single for now.

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