Unpacking The Duggars Weird Preference For Pedicures

In a world of side-hugs and monitored texts, the Duggar girls have to get human contact from somewhere, and apparently it’s through their feet. No joke, one of their most beloved life luxuries is getting their toenails done, and the obsession is so real that Jill got a pedicure after her water broke. She didn’t even tell anyone she was in labor during the salon trip. Like, that’s insane.

And while there’s nothing wrong with pedicures — hey, we enjoy massage chairs and emerald green nails too — it is weird that the Duggars focus on just that. Not manicures: it’s specifically pedis, all day, every day. And yes, that phrasing sounds jarring in the larger context of Duggar lore.

So why exactly do the Duggar ladies love their pedicures? Is it their sexual repression manifesting in a strange, ritualistic way? We have a few theories…

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