True Stories of Killers Who Find Victims Online

The invention of “catfishing,” where people pretend to be other people online, has spurred more than just a popular reality show. The phenomenon makes it easy for deranged individuals to lure unsuspecting victims while hiding behind a fake, misleading profile. These catfish crimes prove how a tiny white lie can have tragic and disastrous results and result in murder. And according to Nev Schulman, host of Catfish, the odd online trend is the go-to outlet for bullies and people with violent tendencies. “I think people have this sense that on the Internet, you’re not accountable for what you do,” he told Teen Vogue. “There’s no reason that people can’t find happiness and can’t be supportive of each other. If you need to go online and hurt someone’s feelings, it’s because you’re trying to divert and pass along unhappiness.” From complex love triangles to just outright insanity, these catfish stories that have ended tragically prove that you should be careful with who you trust on the Internet.

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