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Updated: June 23, 2021

Swimming is great exercise for toddlers and it’s also something that kids and parents can do together. It’s always best to be safe in and around water though, so while your toddler is learning to swim they should wear a good quality swim aid or vest.

Once they’re confident in the water they can strike out without it, but in the early stages they – and you – will feel better with some extra assurance that they’ll stay afloat. Keep in mind that swim vests and floaties are not designed to replace an actuallife jacket for toddlers or kids life vest.

Our 8 Favorite “Learn to Swim” Vests

ProductUSCG ApprovedSizeColors

The Splash About is a fun, colorful vest that lets children use their arms freely while making sure they have plenty of buoyancy to keep them safely afloat.

It has 16 removable floats, so it’s easy to adjust for lighter or heavier children by adding or removing floats. You can can start out using it as a baby floatation suit and slowly take away floats as your child grows and gets more comfortable staying afloat.

This float suit comes in a range of bright colors with fun designs. It’s also very easy to put on. Essentially, it’s a swimsuit with attached floats and makes a good alternative to a typical toddler pool float. Although it’s unisex, it probably suits girls better.

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Like the Speedo Begin to Swim vest, this Splash About float suit is definitelynot US Coast Guard approved and should only be used as a swimming aid for the pool.

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Can you use a Puddle Jumper on a boat?

While it is US Coast Guard approved as a type III PFD, the use of a Puddle Jumper (or similar Body Glove Puddle Pals) on a boat is not always advisable. Your decision should be based on a few factors:

Are you on a lake or ocean?Are you underway or anchored?Are you swimming in the water with your child?How good of a swimmer is your child?

In our opinion, if out on the ocean, the boat is moving, or if you have a “not quite ready to learn” swimmer, a traditional life jacket is a must. For the other scenarios above, do what you feel is right as the parent or guardian. But you’ll never be wrong by playing it safe.

What different types of Puddle Jumpers are available?

The top-selling Puddle Jumpers are currently available in 4 varieties.

Original: Nylon materialDeluxe: Polyester materialDeluxe 3D: Polyester material + Antimicrobial + 3D designsUltra: Hydroprene material + Antimicrobial

For most, we recommend going with the Deluxe or Deluxe 3D version. They’re both more comfortable than the Original and about the same price. While the Ultra’s neoprene-like material is the most comfortable, it makes the product seem twice as heavy after being in the water.

What’s the difference between a life jacket and the swim aids listed on this page?

Please see: Kids Life Jacket vs Puddle Jumper vs Swim Vest for a comparison.

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Are there learn-to-swim vests available for kids over 50 pounds?

Absolutely. Konfidence is one of the better known brands when it comes to swim aids for kids starting around age 4 all the way to about 14. The Konfidence Childrens’ Swim Jacket above is sized for up to 66 lbs and a Youth version is available for ages 8-12.

Does anyone make a learn-to-swim vest for adults?

Yes. While obviously not as popular, there are a small handful of brands that sell adult learn-to-swim vests. Here’s our favorite:

What’s the best way to clean a Puddle Jumper type swim aid?

Puddle Jumpers and other learn to swim devices can be cleaned the same way as a regular life jacket. See:How to Remove Mildew, Mold, and Smells From a Life Jacket

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