The Duggars’ Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties Are Fun and Freaky AF

Considering the Duggars don’t drink or dance or listen to music or do anything generally considered fun at functions, it might be a little hard to imagine what they do for their ~last fling before the ring.~ However, they actually do have bachelor and bachelorette parties, they just look a little different than your average celebration.

When it comes to their bachelor and bachelorette parties, the Duggars can still get more than a little creative (and, occasionally, more than a little creepy) with their plans. Before they get to sneak away to their honeymoons and finally have time alone together as a couple, they’re forced to spend it with their family — or worse, their in-laws’ family — for one big adventure. But what does that mean exactly? Well, that depends on the member of the Counting On crew.

Josh, for example, didn’t have a traditional ~bachelor~ party. It was really more of a regular family dinner … just at a nicer restaurant than usual. Which, honestly, seemed to make most of them uncomfortable. The cloth napkins, fancy menu and nice glassware threw them all for a loop, but his sisters still managed to have a blast. The closest this celebration got to a standard bachelor party was when the waiter told Jessa he was a tantric dancer and offered up his services for Josh’s wedding.

When the sexes do split up for actual “parties,” things can get weird. For example, before Jill and Derick’s nuptials, Jim Bob took his (now-estranged) future son-in-law into the woods with some of his sons to make him prove he’s “manly” enough for Jill. Though, TBH, they did seem to have at least a little fun rock climbing.

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But not all of the celebrations are odd, some have actually been very sweet. When Jill went out with her mom and sisters before her wedding, they went around the table and each said something nice about her, which led to touching family memories being shared and sentimental tears being shed. What more could you want?

Check out the gallery to see the fun, funny, and freaking ways they celebrate their bachelor and bachelorette parties. 

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