Terra Jolé Will Share Grayson’s Dwarfism Test Results on Little Women: LA

It’s going to be a big season for Lifetime’s Little Women: LA stars, who return to the network with their reality series this week. In an exclusive interview with In Touch, Terra Jolé opened up about what to expect from her this time around — and she made a huge revelation about her and Joe Gnoffo’s one-year-old son, Grayson.

“During the season we actually do wind up having our son tested in terms of dwarfism, and it’s kind of interesting because we get to finally reveal those results before the time you would actually be able to tell,” she said via phone last week. “The results for pseudoachondroplasia are not, that’s a dwarfism that doesn’t really show up until ages two to three, so he’s still a year, but we get to reveal those results on the show which is exciting.” The couple’s three-year-old daughter, Penelope, has achondraplasia like her mother, while Joe was born with pseudoachondroplasia.

The Dancing With the Stars alum also provided a health update on herself, and it sounds like she is doing much better after experiencing a breast cancer scare in early 2017. “Overall my health is good. I’m just trying to remain good. I definitely would love another child and my husband would love no more children, so there’s that debate. I think it’s normal parenting in the sense of really figuring out maintaining your regular checkups, making sure my anatomy is good to go.” We are so glad Terra’s Little Family is in a good place — and can’t wait to see what other surprises they have in store for us!

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