Armor Like The 'Sensuous Dress'?: Swtor Luxurious Dress Armor In Swtor!

I've really wanted the Sensuous Dress armor from the Opportunist's Bounty Pack for a long time but the whole thing sells for 100 million on the GTN and even the top, which I'd like most, is 55 million. I only have 16 million between my four characters combined…

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Does anyone know of armor that looks similar to this one or of a simple way to convert real money into credits?

(I know that I can buy cartel coins, buy items with them and sell them on the GTN but can never know what will sell well…)



I remember buying the whole set for less than 1 mil back in the day… but yes, I don' remember seeing anything that looks similar, if it drops in the current crate prices will go down, but not enough to make it really affordable or as cheap as it was

Accoring to TOR-Fashion the top model is unique with no close matches. You could pair it with any types of gloves, skirts and shoes, but the top is one of a kind.

If you're looking for best CC to credit ratio, watch for weekly sales and buy desirable items when they are on sale (not all items on CM are desirable in the 1st place), then resell them a weeks after the sale ends.

Keep in mind that you can buy items on sale and not reclaim them, so you can always refund them for what you spend if the GTN prices on that item aren't stellar.

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Thanks for the reply!

So are you saying that buying things on the Cartel Market and selling them on the GTN is the only way to convert CC to Credits?

As far as I know, it's a unique model that can't be found anywhere else. I'm told that with the current inflation the hypercrates sell for a decent mount, but are expensive in terms of CC, while server character slots have one of the best CC to Credit conversion costs.

Thanks for the reply!

Can you further explain what you meant by, “server character slots” and how you convert CC to credits?

It's unique like all the KOTOR sets because it's from the concept art of KOTOR III. There's no parallel.

That being said, they seem to be cycling old packs. Wait for it to come onto GTN and use your monthly sub coins to take a shot at a few (if you're subbed). I don't recommend spending money on hypercrates.

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Otherwise, farm heroics for a buttload of cash. 😛


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