See What All of J.D.’s Love Interests From Scrubs Are Up to Today!

Sure, J.D. on Scrubs may have been a dreamer — but there was one thing he didn’t have to fantasize about: The incredible women in his life! During the course of the show’s amazing nine-season run, everyone’s favorite goofy doctor — played by Zach Braff — got to date some truly incredible ladies, whose real-life accomplishments are even more impressive than their characters’!

All of the stars of the show have gone on to exciting things since the show ended. Take Zach Braff for example — since Scrubs ended, he’s worked on a number of different things, most impressively, he made another film Wish You Were Here. Up next, he’ll trade in his stethoscope in for startup life as the eponymous Alex on Alex, Inc., which is coming soon to ABC!

While it’s hard to believe that October marks 16 years since Scrubs premiered, it’s not surprising to learn that all the ladies in J.D.’s life are doing pretty great — both professionally and personally — as well! Check out the gallery below to see what they’ve been doing since they left Sacred Heart (and we heard the sad music in J.D.’s head)!

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