See the Less Than Glam Pics

Seeing a celebrity sweat seems like something that just doesn’t happen. But hey, it’s currently summertime and we all know what that means: everyone is sweaty AF, at all times. Doesn’t matter if you’re sitting on a train commuting to work in the wretched heat or posing on the red carpet. When you see a photo of a star chilling in a majorly glam outfit though, the last thing you ever expect to see is sweat stains, but it happens. And since there are tons of photographers on hand, these somewhat gross, yet (honestly) relatable moments get captured and are around forever for us to look at. Ultimately, we end up feeling a little bit better about ourselves knowing celebs like Kris Jenner and Halle Berry suffer from pit stains, too.

Check out the gallery below to witness photo evidence that proves even stars sweat, too and they happen to have been photographed during these less-than-glam moments. At least our slightly embarrassing sweaty instances in life aren’t documented for everyone to see, so there’s an upside.

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