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I first taught DEAD BUG SOCIETY in San Diego and the crowd went wild!  Even though each student got the same instruction, the Bugs were sooo different!  And fun! And irresistible!  And I can't tell you what fun *I've* had making them!  I'll let you in on a little secret…the possibilities are endless!

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Now that I'm addicted to my little Bug Collection…I want you to be too!  So *just for you*… my newest Online Video Workshop is DEAD BUG SOCIETY.    This is a Progressive Workshop were each week you will learn a new technique for a new Bug…TEN Bugs in all!  Create along with me as we go…or wait and make all your Bugs at once.  Perhaps you want a Butterfly, Moth, and Hornet?  Or half a dozen Bumble Bees?  Yes. You. Can.   ~   Yes. We. Will.


Of course these Bugs are not just a pretty face…they can be made into Pendants or Brooches! And when you are not adorned with them…keep them in a fabulous Specimen Box which we will also make.  


So…get your Entomology groove going and Sign Up for DEAD BUG SOCIETY today.  The Workshop begins October 1st and goes thru December 31st…but as a Special Treat…the First 25 Registrants will receive a Gift of 3 Bug Glass Kits!

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Click  HERE for more information and to Register


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July 12, 2013

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Glass Kits for Soldering Goddesses!!!

I get so many requests for Glass Kits to make my Workshop Projects I wanted to make sure to post the information of how you, too, can get great glass shapes to re-create my Workshop Projects as well as Custom-Cut Glass should you request it!!


Here is just a sampling of my popular Love Bird Necklace Workshop Project.  You don't have to take this Workshop to get the glass…just visit Mr. Sally Jean on Etsy to purchase the Glass-Only kit!!!

You will also find many more Glass Kits including the Totally Tiara Kit, the Gothic Necklace Kit, etc., as well as individual glass shapes including Angel Wings, Butterflies, Houses, Coffins, Crosses, and so much more including typical charm shapes of squares, rectangles, ovals, etc. And if you need a specific shape…don't hesitate to ask as he can fulfill those needs too!   Need a 1/2″ x 1/2″ square?   A 3″ x 4″ shield?  Have a drawing of a shape you want?  Contact Mr. Sally Jean!


The glass is all hand-cut and the edges are ground for you…all you have to do is add your artwork and make your jewelry!

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