Pirate Chain (ARRR) Price Predictions: Where Will the ARRR Crypto Go After Sky-High Gains?

Editor’s note: This article was updated April 23 to correct the nature of the Pirate Chain cryptocurrency.

In the altcoin arms race, there are already a handful of stand-out options that investors are gravitating toward. Everybody wants to find the next Dogecoin (CCC:DOGE-USD), and some coins are already well on their way. One of those altcoin plays is Pirate Chain (CCC:ARRR-USD), a crypto that has multiplied in value many times over in just a couple days. Investors are now clamoring for Pirate Chain (ARRR) price predictions. And, while it might seem like the next Dogecoin, analysts are torn on whether or not ARRR can keep on its current trend.

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Pirate Chain is a coin developed with the intention of being the most anonymous crypto option on the market. Pirate Chain does this by using the Zero Knowledge-Succinct Non-interactive Argument of Knowledge (zk-SNARKS) protocol. The zk-SNARKS protocol allows a user to verify information on the Pirate Chain blockchain without having to show it to the other party. It is a sort of word-of-mouth protocol that has recognition across the blockchain industry for its security.

In addition to keep users information airtight, Pirate Chain prides itself on being completely fair in its launch. Much like Bitcoin (CCC:BTC-USD), no blocks were mined before ARRR was placed on the market, and there was no initial coin offering. The amount of ARRR is capped at exactly 200 million, and users have the same ownership privileges as the developers.

Pirate Chain (ARRR) Price Predictions: What Comes Next?

Over the course of just a couple weeks, ARRR is seeing its price reach unprecedented heights. The crypto has risen from 8 cents to over $14 since April 5.

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In fact, the ARRR coin is up over 44,000% in the last year.

This white-hot upswing is bringing ARRR into the mainstream crypto-sphere as a DOGE peer. But, can it continue such a run? That’s a point of debate. Analysts are at odds over whether Pirate Chain can keep up this streak, and it’s leading to some diverging Pirate Chain (ARRR) price predictions:

  • CoinArbitrageBot is predicting the ARRR price to shrink to half, or even a quarter of its current value. One-year predictions call for a $3 low and $6 high.
  • Gov Capital is bullish on Pirate Chain, predicting the crypto to continue its upward momentum to $18.95 by year’s end.
  • WalletInvestor is in the bearish camp, thinking the coin will drop to $4.29 in a year.
  • Another bull — DigitalCoinPrice — thinks ARRR can make it up to $18.73 by the end of 2021.

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