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She brings the drama on 90 Day Fiancé, but it turns out Happily Ever After star Debbie Johnson also brings the glamor! Colt Johnson’s mom has taken to sharing old photos of herself on Instagram, and they show what a seriously stylish gal she was when she was younger. In the throwback pics, the hot mama can be seen rocking some mod fashion moments as well as a big, blonde wig.

Fans are obsessed with the shots — and so are Debbie’s fellow 90 Day Fiancé stars. “Oooooh, Debbie, gorgeous,” Tiffany Franco Smith commented on one photo with a heart emoji. “Oh my mother, Deb!” wrote Loren Brovarnik. Evelin Villegas simply commented a fire emoji in response to one of the shots.

But not everyone is a fan. In the past, Colt’s mama has butted heads with more than a few of her costars. In February 2019, she even faced off with David Toborowsky after he called out her son on The Tomorrow Show. In a no-holds-barred comment, Debbie took aim at the What Now? alum.

“David is a piece of s–t,” she wrote. “He is so desperate to stay relevant [that] he will do and say anything to get attention. He doesn’t know Colt or [Colt’s ex-wife, Larissa Dos Santos Lima]. He doesn’t know anything about their life or their circumstances. He is definitely a media whore. He can’t possibly live without the help of his friend. He needs to keep his opinion to himself. That’s all he has to say in the headlines, his opinion, which is as screwed up as he is. Watch out, David. Karma is still on your ass.”

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Go off, Debbie! David didn’t seem to mind getting called out too much, though. In response, he shared a handful of crying-laughing emojis. He also wrote, “I am so glad she stands up for Coltee.” But when he continued on to say that he “wouldn’t trade” his life for Colt’s because he wouldn’t want to be “33 years old [and] living with his mother and several cats [while] going through a divorce,” he started the feud right back up again.

“[Whoa], dude, mellow out,” she shot back. “You have your life and we have ours. Please stop commenting on ours. You don’t know s–t about us. You are not important. I refuse to argue with you. Go live your life and stop using us to make you important. Give [wife Annie Toborowsky] hugs.”

Debbie clearly knows how to hold her own when it comes to onscreen drama, and it turns out she also knows how to bring that same sassy attitude in her outfits. Check out the gallery below to see her incredible photos from when she was young.

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