Personalized Recipes for Your Dog’s Best Life

When it comes to feeding our pups, we want to make sure their food offers the best nutrition possible.

Each dog has unique health needs, but with the overwhelming number of options in the pet food aisle all claiming different things, it’s difficult to figure out which one works best. With Tailored Pet, every dog can be treated like an A-lister and have their specific and personalized wellness goals met. Some might call it revolutionary, but we just call it smart and one of our winners of the In Touch Weekly 2020 Wellness Award.

No two dogs are the same. Their nutrition shouldn’t be either. A diet starting with high-quality ingredients plays a key role in a dog’s longevity and quality of life. From the giant snugglers with a myriad of sensitivities, to the tiny guard dogs with boundless energy, Tailored Pet crafts personalized, health-first recipes for a fair price, then delivers them with free shipping.


How Tailored Pet works:

  • Build a quick profile. Take 3 minutes to take a short online quiz about your pup’s age, size, breed, sensitivities and wellness goals.
  • Make it personal. Tailored Pet personalizes an expert-formulated blend for your dog’s needs that excludes any sensitive ingredients.
  • Fast, free delivery. The pup’s personalized blend is delivered as needed or as a one-time purchase.
  • Yum, guaranteed! If a pup isn’t digging their blend, their team will help get it right, or a refund will be issued.

Check out this In Touch Wellness Award winner at, and use code BARK60 at checkout for 60% off a first-time subscription order for your pet’s personalized meal plan.

Tailor Pet Bag
Tailored Pet vet

The most important thing to ensure proper nutrition is to make sure the food is meeting the needs of the individual dog. A pet will be most successful on a diet that is matched to health factors. – Kaitlin Grant, DVM

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