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This is what we at A Perfect 10 are most famous for! We love to make your natural nails look and feel amazing. This service is available at all of our locations and we offer a full line of add-ons from ombre to detailed nail art.

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Sometimes your lashes need a little extra love! Lash Lifting and Lash Tinting is a great way to accentuate your beautiful eyes! Exclusively available at Dawley Farms, Lake Lorraine,Rushmore Crossing and Spearfish.


While our Wax Bar is offered at all Perfect 10 locations, each location does offer a slightly different selection of services. Please explore our location menus to find the location and service that is right for your hair removalneeds.


Our Dawley Farms, Lake Lorraine, Rushmore Crossing and Spearfish locations offer body waxing as a hair removal option in addition to sugaring. Please explore ourmenuto find theservice that is right for your hair removalneeds.

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Our Hair Bar is offered at our Omaha, and Catron/Stumerlocations. Whether you need an updo, color, or blowout, we are certain that one of our locations can fit your needs. Please explore our location menus to discover the possibilities.


At A Perfect 10 we love to pamper your little ones with a full menu of manicures and pedicures, all featuring special Little Diva & Tween pricing.

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All of our locationsoffer a selection of fine beer and wine for your enjoyment during your visit. We also offer plenty of premium non-alcoholic drinks as well.

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