Omg Nail Spa Clovis Ca – Omg Nail Spa 1220 Shaw Ave, Clovis, Ca 93612

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If you are someone who likes to interact with your stylist or nail artist then this Is not the place for you. The service is really bad and the prices are way too high compared to the service they give. They don”t even let you know if something is going to be a additional cost and at the end they just except you to pay for it because you got it done. Did not appreciate me as a customer and didn”t care to fix the problems I addressed. Very rude and unfriendly customer service and the nail artist kept talking with other nail artists in their own language and didn”t even pay attention to their own customers. (I WOULDN”T RECOMMEND ANYONE GOING THERE AND WASTING THEIR TIME AND MONEY) just being honest!

Do not go to this Nail place I had gels put on and they didn”t even last 3 days. The paint started peeling right off on day 2. Not even worth the money I paid to get them done. The Nail technician seemed very unfriendly as well.

OMG is a horible salon!! They charge way too much & you dont get the service you paid for! Also you cant understand any of them nor can they understand you so whats the point of going. Their service sucks as well. They are the WORST place I”ve ever been too!!!!!!! DONT WASTE YOUR TIME OR YOUR MONEY THERE!!!!!!

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Beautiful Salon! Extremely clean and professional! I love the nails tech people here .. Julie is the awesome!

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OMG Worst nail Salon EVER!!! Not only do they charge way to much for a manicure, there unprofessional and honestly I can do a better job myself at home. The lady that was doing my nails was more into with her cell phone than my nails. She also didn”t speak any English, which isn”t a crime but just incontinent, specially when she tries to tell me to do things like, pay the cashier first before she polishes my nails? Wait? What? I”ve never had to pay for my manicure in the middle of it being done. She just started then stopped and made me pay for the service she hadn”t even finished yet. After that confusion, she starts painting my nails, I did love the color too bad it didn”t make it home. She messed up on my nails 3 times in different ways and I noticed she wasn”t using the base coat after she wiped them clear to start over. Also she only used a top coat on one of my hands and just didn”t do the other! Ya, that happened. Then I placed my hand in front of a freezing fan for 10 mins and when she checked to see if they dried she smudged one and then two of my nails got nicked from the fan. Sooo I watched her do them over, still no base coat, but hey at lease I got a top coat on one of my nails on the hand she didn”t do, all right! after spending another 10 to 15 mins in front of that little fan, I was told I could leave. Three whole hours later my nail polish was still moist and full of dings and scraps because they never dried. I can”t believe I paid for such a crappy manicure that didn”t even last three hours!!!! So I just scraped the remainder off and just went home.NEVER again will I go to salon!

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