Oklahoma Incest Case Ends With 10 Year Sentence for Girl That Married Mom

Incest is no joke! Misty Velvet Dawn Spann, a 26-year-old woman that married her biological mother Patricia Spann in Oklahoma has been sentenced to a decade of probation after pleading guilty to incest charges on Nov. 7, according to People.

Misty will need to get counselling as part of her sentence, and two years of her 10 years must be served under the supervision of the Oklahoma Department of Corrections. Her mom has also been charged, but has yet to appear in court. The duo was arrested in September 2016 once police found out they were legally married. Patricia knew what she was doing, but she thought it was legal since she was not on Misty’s birth certificate after losing custody of her as a child.

OK Police

Patricia Spann’s Mugshot

Patricia has two other children, and she actually married another one of them in the past. Patricia had her kids taken away but reconnected with them when they were adults, and they didn’t realize she was their mom until Jody Spann married her and his grandmother told him, according to brother Cody Spann. “My grandmother looked at my brother and told him that was his mom,” Cody told People. “My brother said that he wanted to get away from her – that was not what he wanted. And she threatened to kill him. She threatened to poison him.” Jody quickly had the marriage annulled.

Now, Cody says Patricia used the same kind of manipulation with Misty. “I think she’s just a sick, twisted individual that has something messed up in her head,” he explained. “Why would you want to be with one of your own kids? Patricia’s a very disgusting and horrible person. My sister was manipulated and scared into this. Was she an adult? Yes, she was. But my sister was scared.”

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Though Misty’s case is definitely unique, studies do show that children and parents separated during their development years often experience attraction when reunited. It’s called Genetic Sexual Attraction, though it seems like Patricia may have had a darker motive for marrying her kids.

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