Novalee Baltierra Calls Tyler Baltierra the Best Dad in the World — Watch

Talk about daddy’s little girl! Tyler Baltierra is a very hands-on father, and he’s so proud of his little girl Novalee. The Teen Mom OG star often shows her off on social media, but the video he shared on Snapchat on Aug. 23 was next-level cute! Watch the video above to see Nova call her father the “best dad in the world.” 

The father-daughter duo obviously has a very special relationship. Not only does she think he’s the best dad, but he also told her she’s the “best daughter in the whole wide world.” In another video from the same day, she was goofing around and laughing hysterically, and he explained that they’re two peas in a pod.

“We’re both qwazy” he captioned the touching video while playing with his little girl. Later, he took her to the playground where they worked on their balance, and he wrote, “she’s awesome.” Later, they came back to their new home at Baltierra Farm to show off how amazing their circular house is coming along. 

Novalee is now three years old, and while she’s growing up like an only child, she actualy has an older sister named Carly. Tyler and his wife Catelynn had Carly nine years ago when they were just teenagers, and chose to give her up for adoption. Luckily, her adoptive parents have allowed her to maintain a relationship with her birth parents, and recently, Nova got to spend time with her big sis, too. 

On May 18, Tyler posted a photo of Carly holding Nova with the message, “I now realize that I need to count my blessings & I am proud to say that I have 9 blessings, 9 years of seeing her grow through visits & pictures, 9 birthday cakes, & ONE child to forever impact my life in so many ways. I love you Carly.” 

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