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We at Healthy Touch Day Spa and Salon want to be your first option for organic and also organic beauty services. We cater to your every require supplying spa amenities (massage, facials, body treatments, waxing, teeth whitening, lash extensions) and a full-organization salon for hair and nails.

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Healthy Touch strives to be your first choice for organic and also organic beauty services. To us, organic and also organic means making educated decisions around whatever associated in running a business. Balancing healthy and balanced assets with awesome results is our continuous goal.

From styling to cuts, deep conditioning therapies and also extensions, we are specialists in making your hair instantly smooth, basic to style, shiny, and also soft as silk!

Getting your nails done must be an indulgence. Our goal is to pamper our clients through manicures and pedicures that will certainly leave your nails looking elegant and make you feel rejuvenated.

Body hair has 3 stages of expansion. Find Out even more about our waxing and permanent hair reduction services and find the one that’s appropriate for you!

Our fabulous aestheticians will certainly form your brows and primp your eyelashes to maximize your beautiful gaze. Join us at the brow bar for an prompt transformation!

Sun exposure, aging and also air pollution are just a few things that can make your confront look dull and worn down. Bring back your herbal beauty through one of our terrific facials. Look and also feel great!

Need a Little Pampering? A massage improves your well being by promoting relaxation, stimulating circulation and relieving stress and anxiety.

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The benefits of our stress-melting and fat reducing body services, wraps and holistic services are bountiful.

We want to take care of our males too! Here is a list of solutions that are a lot of regularly booked by our male clients.

Balancing healthy and balanced products with awesome outcomes is our constant goal. We are constantly trying to find safe products that provide excellent results. Should you desire standard commodities, of course we’ll be pleased to honor that whenever before feasible. We desire you to love visiting us. If tright here is anypoint that would make your time via us even more enjoyable, please let us know.

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Share the gift of excellent health and individual vitality via all your friends, family and also colleagues by providing them a Healthy Touch Day Spa and Salon Gift Certificate. Use our digital company for convenience, immediate gratification and to help resolve your last minute gift-giving difficulties.

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