Nail In Tire Safe To Drive, Is It Dangerous To Drive With A Nail In Your Tire

It can happen to just about anyone at any time. You”re driving along the streets of Philadelphia, in the Doylestown or Mechanicsburg areas, or on the back roads of Flemington, and you notice that you”ve got a nail in your tire. Your first thought is that you need to put the spare on and you”re in for an expensive purchase.

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However, a part of you wonders if you can just keep on going. After all, it”s not as though the tire burst, and if the nail stays put, won”t it seal its own hole? Learn what happens when you get a nail in your tire, whether you can drive your car that way, and how long you can go before needing a repair or replacement.

What to Do If There”s a Nail in a Tire


First things first-if you get a nail in your tire and you can physically hear or feel air leaking out, it”s time to put on your spare and get in to have a new tire purchased. If your tire blows out or goes flat, it”s time to get a new one.
Remember, never drive on a flat tire-you can actually do damage to your rims, which is far more expensive to fix than buying a tire. Even if you have a run flat tire, you shouldn”t push it. These allow you to drive a short way, but they need to be fixed, too.

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Check Your Tire Pressure

If you notice a nail puncturing your tire and it doesn”t seem flat, the first thing to do is to check your tire pressure. If it”s low, put air in right away. If the nail goes in deep enough, it may actually plug its own hole, so the tire won”t leak. If you”re not sure whether it”s leaking, you can put some soapy water into a spray bottle, then spray the area around the nail. If you see bubbles, that means there”s air blowing out.

Change Your Tire


Regardless of whether your tire is currently leaking, you shouldn”t let the problem persist for very long. Even if the nail is currently plugging the hole, driving around will only make matters worse. The nail could work its way free or shift around, doing further damage or even causing a blowout, and a full blowout is worse than a flat-it can ruin your wheels, cause you to lose control, and even result in a major accident.
It”s always a good idea to get your tire changed any time it suffers damage and as soon as possible. Head to a certified mechanic you trust, and have the problem addressed quickly. This will keep your car running strong and keep you safe on the Philadelphia area roads as you travel between Mechanicsburg, Doylestown, and Flemington.

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