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Our Miss Piggy and Kermit couple costume is such an easy and fun costume for couples. I bought the pig nose online, already had a pink dress, opera gloves, blonde wig and feather boa. For Kermit, I just sewed felt triangles onto a green t-shirt, painted his face green and added the headband – these were … Read more

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We always dress-up at my job. I work as a cook in a school cafeteria where we serve kids from kindergarten to high school. I enjoy seeing the smiles on the kids faces when they come to lunch to see the unexpected,such as a bunch of cafeteria ladies dressed in cool costumes. Since I always … Read more


It was so hard for me to come up with a great couples costume for myself and my awesome boyfriend. I wanted something original and funny, but also something I would be comfortable portraying as a plus size woman. Famous people tend to be on the more petite side and I didn’t want to feel … Read more


I just LOVE Kermmy!!!! the entire Miss Piggy costume was handmade and part of Kermit’s was too. Kermmy! Miss Piggy and Kermit were a HUGE hit at the Halloween party we went to! Never have we had SO many pictures taken with us and of us! Kermit was a GREAT sport and got his butt … Read more

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Last year, I wanted to be a clown, and I was going to make my boyfriend Krusty, but he wanted to be Kermit the Frog! I was still in love with being a clown, and thought “why not do both?” Then the idea of “Kermit the Clown”, and “Miss Piggy the Diva Clown” couple costume … Read more

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After going back and forth on costume ideas (Halloween is a big deal to me, my boyfriend, not so much!) So, he agreed that if he was dressing up, he was going ALL OUT! And all out he did!! We decided on a Homemade Animal and Miss Piggy from the Muppets Costume. I found as … Read more

These Homemade Kermit and Miss Piggy couple Halloween costume ideas came to my fiance and I because we wanted something cute and not often done for Halloween. Kermit: We found a green hooded sweater, green pants and a light green T-shirt. We then crafted the light green T-shirts into triangle shapes and placed them around … Read more

I have a reputation of always having great costumes. I feel the good pressure every year to come up with something brilliant that makes people say “She’s done it again!” This Homemade Muppet Miss Piggy and Kermit Couple Costume was one of my husband and my best costumes we have ever done! We had a … Read more

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I came up with the idea about a day before the party I was going to and I went to the store spent about 12 dollars total on the Kermit the Frog costume. 6 dollars for long johns (pants) and I bought a ping pong ball for the eyes – 50 cents. I got some … Read more

For people that cant get into the Halloween costume spirit I always say the same thing-Halloween is a time to think about who you are, all your characteristics and find a character that exists in this world who truly embodies you. My partner and I decided to go as Kermit and Piggy for Halloween considering … Read more

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