6 Perfect Maybelline Nail Polish Review And Shades: How To Use It?

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Looking a more long lasting alternative to classic polish? We’ve found one, the Maybelline SuperStay Gel Nail Color range. I recently got to try a few polishes and was hugely impressed with the quality. So far, out of all the hybrid polishes* on the market, Maybelline have managed to come up with the best formula. It’s highly pigmented and 2 coats is enough for a fully opaque look. Also, it doesn’t take forever to dry like some other hybrid polishes which can take hours (!). Of the hybrids I’ve tried so far, it’s the longest lasting and the glossiest. How do the Maybelline guys constantly manage to come up with such a good products while keeping the price so low? With it’s super low price and high quality formula, Maybelline SuperStay Gel Nail Color ticks all the boxes.

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Sound exciting? Read our full review below.


REVIEW – Maybelline SuperStay Gel Nail Color:

Formula:  4-FREE, not fast-drying. The formula is creamy, highly pigmented and feels different to usual polish. Two coats required to get fully opaque coverage.Application: The polishes have an extra-thick brush that makes application easy. Dries evenly without any streaks, doesn’t go bubbly and is easy to remove/clean up. Just like a typical polish.Finish: all Maybelline Super Stay Gel polishes are classic opaque creams. They are pretty glossy on their own but look even better with a glossy top coat.Nail Art: Perfect for any kind of nail art or details. The formula is really easy to work with.

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Do they really last 7 days? Maybelline claim the new SuperStay Gel Nail color can last up to 7 days. I’ve been wearing just nail polish for 2 days and it looked fine, no chipping. On the 3rd day I added a top coat, when I added the blue dots. So the polish shrank a tiny bit and lifted my ‘wrapped’ tips. Still, it lasted for another 3 days, where 1 day was dedicated house-work and I didn’t wear gloves on purpose. So on the 6th day, after the house work day, I saw first signs of wear. First chips occurred at the end of Day 6. Photos of how my manicure looked on Day 7 below.

*Extra Notes: Maybelline SuperStay Gel Nail Color is a hybrid polish, technically is not a ‘gel’. I believe it’s a marketing move for brands that are trying to take advantage of the growing popularity of gel manicures. They have come up with a hybrid formula that is meant to be more long-lasting than standard polish. Unlike gels, the hybrid (so-called “gel”) polishes do not require curing under a UV/LED lamp and are applied like any other polish. Also, hybrid polishes do not require soaking to be removed but they also don’t last as long as real gel does.


Overall Impression: if you’re looking for an affordable, great quality polish that is also long-lasting, the Maybelline SuperStay Gel Nail Color range is definately worth a try. The only downside for me is the colour range is limited. It only includes 11 classic colours and 1 clear polish, Maybelline, we need more colours of this awesome polish!

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Availability: Maybelline SuperStay Gel Nail Color polish available in Australia via Priceline, $7.95 (currently 3 for 2 offer) here or in US around $4.

Wearing: Maybelline SuperStay Gel #625 Forevermore Green and #635 Surreal (blue dots), plus, Essie Good To Go top coat.

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What do you think about the new Maybelline SuperStay Gel polishes? Did you try them or any other hybrid polishes? What was your experience like?

– Maria, xx

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