Lyssa Chapman Shares Post About Healthy Families Amid Dad Drama

Shots fired! Lyssa Chapman isn’t holding back when it comes to taking aim at dad Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman. Amid the family feud, the former Dog the Bounty Hunter star seemed to target her father as she shared a cryptic meme on Instagram. On Monday, January 27, a post on her Story appeared to reflect the ongoing drama.

“If you didn’t come from a healthy family, make sure a healthy family comes from you,” read a quote Lyssa, 32, shared on her account.

Courtesy of Lyssa Chapman/Instagram

Recently, the reality star has been open about the issues she has with her dad. In early January, she took to Twitter to slam the Dog’s Most Wanted star over claims that he was already dating someone new after late wife Beth Chapman’s death. Though he denied the romance rumors, Duane, 66, admitted he is ready to get back into the dating pool.

“I’m the kind of guy that has to have a woman around me,” he told Radar Online at the time. “There will never another Mrs. Dog. But I have to find a way to move on,” he explained after previously admitting to In Touch that he “never” thought living without Beth would “be this bad.” He confessed, “I’m so lonely right now. I’m just really lonely.”

That explanation didn’t keep the peace, however. On January 18, Lyssa shared a cryptic post that fans suspected was about her father. “Realizing everything, and the one person I believed in more than anyone was a fake,” she wrote on Twitter. “Now I realize, you’re just a bastard. I’ve been fighting an evil [and] in reality it’s all you. It’s always been you. You are the common denominator.”

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In additional posts, she made it clear just who she was talking about. “I feel I have to tell the truth myself, before [my dad] and his GF can come out against me,” she continued. “Being threatened will never silence me. I’ve been thinking [about] how I would deal with this news coming out. How would I hide in line? And I decided to take it into my own hands. I will never be blackmailed, because I’ll admit to my mistakes and flaws.”

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