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Two investment experts share one recommendation … a disruptive 10X opportunity in healthcare … an invitation to a special event with #1 investment expert on TipRanks

Let’s start with a quiz …

Can you identify the commonality between the five charts below?

Clue: you’re seeing five funds compared to the S&P over the last two years. While the S&P is up nearly 43% during that time, these funds are up, respectively, 244%, 183%, 267%, 274%, and 205%.

Got your answer?

These are five, actively managed ETFs from Cathie Wood, founder and chief investment officer at ARK Invest.

These ETFs are named, respectively, Innovation, Autonomous Technology & Robotics, Next Generation Internet, Genomic Revolution, and Fintech Innovation.

(Does this remind anyone of the hypergrowth trends we regularly cover here in the Digest?)

As you can see, Cathie’s recent performance has been extraordinary. In fact, mom ‘n pop investors in South Korea (of all places) have given Cathie a nickname: “Money Tree.”

Her ability to pick winners has been so remarkable that it’s attracted an avalanche of investor dollars. Last year, she managed about $3.6 billion dollars. Earlier this month, that figure passed $50 billion.

Now, why are we starting today’s Digest with this profile of Cathie Wood?

Because recent history suggests she has a finger on the pulse of tomorrow’s technologies and it’s translating into big returns for investors — and that pulse just led her to make a big bet on one specific stock.

Meanwhile, here at InvestorPlace, we have our own expert with his finger on the pulse of tomorrow’s technologies — and he too has been making huge returns for investors.

I’m referring to Luke Lango, editor of The Daily 10X Stock Report.

In Luke’s recent Daily 10X issue, he highlights the same stock that Cathie just loaded up on. Here he is with more:

Ark Invest just made a big investment. The fund acquired approximately 500,000 shares of a brand-new, next-generation technology company that is trying to revolutionize the healthcare industry.

That’s a $12 TRILLION industry globally — and this is a $4.7 billion company.

If successful, this $4.7 billion company could turn into a multi-hundred-billion-dollar titan of industry.

And the world’s best investment firm thinks this company has a shot to do just that.

In today’s Digest, let’s pull back the curtain on this hypergrowth company that’s shaking up how healthcare works. If Luke is right, it will become a global, household name — and its stock price will soar thousands of percent.

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Let’s jump in.


***Healthcare is a mess — this company is fixing it

For newer Digest readers, the “Daily 10X,” as we often call it, was created last spring for one purpose:

Deliver to your inbox — every day the market is open — a top-notch small-cap stock pick that could rise by 1,000% or more in the long run.

Two weeks ago, when we last checked in with Luke and the status of this goal, we found four 10X-gainers so far (in less than one year, mind you) … as well as plenty of stocks in the up 500%, up 600%, and up 700% range.

Overall, an astounding 40% of Luke’s stocks have risen at least 100%, with the average return of all of his 182 stock-profiles standing at 117%.

So, if both Luke and Cathie Wood are bullish on a stock, we’d be wise to take note.

Returning to the opportunity, here’s Luke describing what’s wrong with healthcare in the U.S.:

It’s expensive — 50% of U.S. families cannot afford their deductible, and 1 in 3 families have decided not to seek medical care in the past 12 months due to cost.

It’s inaccessible — about 25% of ER visits are the result of inaccessibility to regularly scheduled doctor visits, and 77% of rural communities are considered “primary care health professional shortage areas.” Around 1 in 10 have no physicians at all.

It’s inconvenient — the average time to schedule a fist-time appointment with a doctor in the U.S. clocks in at a whopping 24 days, while 3 in 4 millennials would rather search for medical advice online than seeing doctors in-person.

So, which company is trying to fix this?

Hims & Hers (HIMS).

Luke explains that the company’s goal is to digitize, centralize, and streamline healthcare so that getting medical help is as easy as shopping on Amazon.

Here’s how it works …

A customer visits the websites (there are two, serving men and women) … completes a brief survey … has a telehealth consultation with a medical professional … receives a personalized medication under the Hims & Hers brand (filled out in the Hims & Hers in-house cloud pharmacy) … then receives the medication at home, by mail.

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Back to Luke:

Sound much easier than calling your provider, setting up an appointment, driving to the doctor’s office, sitting in the waiting room, getting checked out by your doctor, then driving to your local pharmacy to get your actual medication?

It is.

As stated earlier, Hims & Hers has improved access to and convenience of healthcare so that getting the right medicine to lead a healthy lifestyle is as easy as shopping for paper towels on Amazon.​com.

But more than being accessible and convenient, Hims & Hers makes healthcare affordable.

On this note, Luke explains that Hims & Hers created its own fully-verticalized supply chain that removes the wasteful spending found in the legacy healthcare supply chain.

Back to Luke for the result:

Hims & Hers is able to significantly reduce final medication costs for the end-user (i.e. you).

In other words, the traditional healthcare system in America is broken because it’s expensive, inaccessible, and inconvenient. Hims & Hers is a pioneering a DTC platform that fixes all three of those shortcomings — and in so doing, fixes the U.S. healthcare system.

***What sort of growth potential are investors looking at?

At this point, Luke walks through how he’s viewing the opportunity …

First, revenues are exploding. They’ve grown at roughly 128% compounded since 2018.

Second, the company’s Net Promoter Score is 65, versus just 9 for traditional healthcare. To make sure we’re all on the same page, a Net Promoter Score measures customer experience and predicts business growth. This lofty score reflects massive potential.

Three, the telehealth model is highly scalable. Luke notes how the company is already expanding into the sleep, fertility, diabetes, and cholesterol markets (its current focus has been sexual health, hair, and skin medications). Plus, the company has plans to grow internationally.

So, the growth potential is enormous — and best of all, Hims & Hers is still a small company.

Back to Luke on what this means for investors:

… this tiny company has what it takes to fundamentally change not just how folks improve their sexual health and hair, but how everyone across the globe gets healthcare.

If this company succeeds in that endeavor — and makes getting expert medical advice as easy as shopping on Amazon — then Hims & Hers will be a $100+ BILLION company one day.

The market cap today is below $5 billion.

It’s a moonshot bet — but it’s a moonshot bet that the world’s smartest investment firm is making, so it may be worth your time to take a good hard look at Hims & Hers stock today.


***An invitation to join Luke for a special event where he’ll give away his single favorite hypergrowth stock pick for the next decade

Regular Digest readers have seen Luke’s name frequently in our issue over recent months. That’s because — like Cathie Wood — he’s been making investors tremendous amounts of money.

But what you may not know is this has been happening for a while.

Luke is ranked #1 out of more than 15,000 investment experts according to TipRanks.

And today, we have big news …

We’ve finally convinced this #1 stock-picker to put his best ideas into one, holistic portfolio, engineered for tech-fueled gains.

Here’s how Luke describes his final product:

It’s not just another portfolio of Wall Street’s favorite stocks. Far from it.

It’s a portfolio of the most innovative companies on the planet — hypergrowth stocks that are on the cutting edge of defining a cleanerfastercheaper, and better tomorrow.

I’m talking the world’s best self-driving companies, and its top electric vehicle makers …

The most disruptive clean energy pioneers, and the most compelling e-commerce platforms …

The most exciting AI startups, and the most explosive space pioneers …

The tastiest plant-meat makers, the fastest-growing telehealth platforms, the strongest biotech companies …

The most addicting digital entertainment services, and the world’s smartest Big Data enterprises …

All those hypergrowth investments, packaged into one portfolio, to help guide you to explosive gains.

Luke will be debuting this portfolio next Tuesday Feb. 23 at 4PM ET, during his first-ever Exponential Growth Summit. As part of this, he’ll be talking about the trends that he believes will reward investors will trillions of dollars in the coming decade.

Plus, as just noted, he’ll be giving away his No. 1 stock pick — the one company he believes will compound wealth the best for the next 10 years. It’s the #1 pick from the TipRanks #1 stock-picker — for free!

It’s going to be a great evening with loads of information, just click here to reserve your seat today.

In the meantime, give Hims & Hers a look. This tiny disruptor has big things in store for it.

Have a good evening,

Jeff Remsburg

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