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There’s a magazine publication right here in Cobb County dubbed Little Black Dress/Little Red Wagon, which functions a diversity of neighborhood talent and happenings about the county. The founder and also editor is Elizabeth Cossick and she newly involved my home for an intercheck out and also photoshoot, featuring my house and my blog in the August worry. It’s so exciting to gain featured in your very own hometown and I’m so thrilled each time it happens. I’ve been in Atlanta Magazine, the Atlanta Journal and also Constitution, and now Little Black Dress. It never gets old, think me!


(photo by Christopher Oquendo)

The above photo was taken earlier this year when the ATL Journal and also Constitution did a home attribute and also before I relocated things around in my living room. Here’s a new swarm of it now.


Elizabeth sent out me the PDF to share via all my readers, given that every one of you execute not live here in your area to check out the magazine in perchild, so I’m sharing it today.


Just click the over link to open up the PDF via all the pictures! So happy my dad gets recognition in all this via me and I obtain to share it all via y’all! You have all been the best cheerleaders for me and I couldn’t perform this blog without you all coming ago day after day. Thank you for that! I appreciate you all even more than you deserve to possibly know!

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Katrina claims

August 12, 2015 at 12:33 pm

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Patricia Wilchild claims

August 19, 2015 at 11:34 pm

Rhoda, ever before since I discovered your blog in 2011, I’ve been a consistent blog friend bereason your story seemed like my story…the exact same, however various in the particulars. I am so happy for you creating your beautiful house from scratch through your Daddy’s aid. You’re so right. Not feeling imaginative, simply attribute your Daddy. I congratulate you on your newest magazine attribute success, Rhoda. What a glamorous picture of you both…and your Daddy’s wearing really cool shoes. I am a devoted fan and absolutely love your “Fashion over Fifty” short articles.

I wish you continued success and just hope that you’ll proceed your blog for years to come, otherwise, your myriad blog friends would discover a rift in their lives…favor when a favorite tv series ends before you, the viewer, is prepared, or worse, one loses a friend.

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