Lindsey Nicholson Reveals Daughter Paisley’s Health Issues

Courtesy of Lindsey Nicholson/Instagram

Get well soon. 16 and Pregnant alum Lindsey Nicholson (née Harrison) opened up about her daughter’s serious health struggles while taking to Instagram on Friday, January 17. The former MTV star discussed how Paisley is currently battling esophageal varices, which are enlarged veins in the esophagus often caused by obstructed blood flow.

“Paisley goes back for her MRI soon,” the Texas native began. “Today we find out if her main portal vein is 100 percent damaged or if half of it can be rerouted to divert the blood flow around the damaged half so she stops having varice ruptures.”

Lindsey also explained how doctors will have to remove her little girl’s spleen if there is irreparable damage, but she is still hoping for the best possible outcome. “Always scares me when she has to go under anesthesia,” the season 4 star shared. “Praying she won’t have to be put under anesthesia much more after todays MRI and her surgery soon.”

16 and Pregnant Star Lindsey Nicholson Reveals Daughter Paisley's Health Issues
Courtesy of Lindsey Nicholson/Instagram

After reading her update, several fans sent well-wishes and supportive messages in the comment section. “Praying for Miss Paisley today. I hope you get answers and lil miss doesn’t have to go through much more,” one sweetly replied.

Fans first met Lindsey when she appeared on the hit reality show 16 and Pregnant. At the time, she was expecting her first daughter, Aniyah, with her former flame. She later met her husband, TJ Nicholson, and they ended up welcoming their own children, Paisley and Jackson, in October 2017. Lindsey was only 29 weeks into her pregnancy when the twins were born.

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In November 2019, the TV personality revealed that Paisley had recently suffered her first rupture and has continuously had them since. “I’ve lost track of the amount of blood transfusions she’s been given, all of her veins are so scarred and bruised they can hardly get IVs in anymore,” she wrote. The following month, Lindsey expressed how much she wanted her baby girl to be able to live a normal life, and enjoy things like going to daycare.

“I was really hoping I could just give her a piece of my liver and move on with all this, but unfortunately she would need a full transplant and since her liver itself is healthy right now she wouldn’t be able to get one,” the star explained. “[The doctor] said in about 15 years her liver will start to get tired and probably around age 30 she will need a transplant.”

16 and Pregnant Star Lindsey Nicholson Reveals Daughter Paisley's Health Issues
Courtesy of Lindsey Nicholson/Instagram

Linsey said the whole experience has reminded her how important family, health and love are. “Without those nothing else matters,” she concluded.

We’re keeping their family in our thoughts during this tough time.

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