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When I was hired, I mentioned that I dyed my hair into fun colors (it was my natural color at the time of the interview) and my interviewer and the HR manager said it was perfectly okay. A week ago I dyed my hair pink, assuming it was a non issue because I’d checked with management beforehand. Today my general manager pulled me to the side and told me I was violating dress code by having unnatural hair colors, even though one of our cashiers has had blue hair for a month now. The other upper management levels saw it, didn’t seem to care-most of them complimented it. What gives?

This is our strictest manager, and I’ve heard rumors that he’s in hot water with upper management for changing the schedule secretly to give himself more hours. Might just be him.

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One of my supervisors has her hair a different crazy color every other week. She even has it in a Mohawk. As much as I hate Kroger, that’s not something I’ve ever experienced an issue with.

I have had hair literally every color if the rainbow once even all at the same time. I worked there for two years and people didn't respect it but they also didn't do more than grumble. Technically it is against dress code but most people dont care and honestly if they make an issue of it I'd suggest getting a different job, kroger pays no where near enough to have the right to tell me to do with my hair unless it impacts food safety

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It really depends on your manager. I had an asshole manager that would get onto us about hair color, and told us to hide it with a kroger hat, but upper management never cared and after that manager left nobody ever asked us to hide our hair color again. Even when he bitched about it, there was never anything he could really do and on the days where he wasn't working nobody ever put their hair in a hat, only when he was on duty.

When I was hired I was told dress code was you could only dye your hair natural colors, however, in my time working there I've seen a few people with “unnatural” hair colors and I don't think any of them have gotten in trouble. I one time accidentally had very orange hair and didn't get in trouble.

We aren't being paid to be professional. Pay me and treat me like a prossional, then I might pretend to care. Donr see any issues with hair colors, tats, or piercings. Unless it becomes a safety hazard. I give zero care what a customer thinks or feels.

Tell him to show you in the manual what part of the code you’re violating. He won’t be able to because you’re not. Just go over his head and call HR/union/upper management if he doesn’t leave you alone.

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Explain to him that you already basically asked your hiring manager and the HR and they said it was fine. If it’s like my store, both of those people work in your store, and both should be fully aware of the dress code. If they said it was fine, then I wouldn’t worry about it. If he keeps giving you grief, go to another manager or HR person about it. When I was hired we (a group of about 30) were told that crazy hair, tattoos, piercings, etc, were fine as long as they were handled to code in the food departments. (Meat, Deli, etc)

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I've had purple hair since my interview for Kroger. Been here almost two years. Nobody in management, district management, etc…has ever said anything except to compliment my hair. I've spent time at the main office, and worked in 3 different stores.

This was an issue in my store, where our hiring lady “Recruiting and Retention Specialist” i mean, made it into a big issue about an employee having purple hair. Our store manager told her it was fine and so that ended that.

At this point, don't say anything else to the manager who pulled you aside. If he does it again, ask him to show you the policy in writing. Then contact the union.

In the Columbus division, that would be violating dress code.

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At my store, we don’t have anyone with unnatural hair colors, so I’m not sure it’s handled. I wouldn’t care if someone in the Front-End had unnatural hair color, and I doubt Store Management would either.

When I dyed my hair purple the only comment I got from my Manager was “purple is definitely your color”

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