# Knit Sweater Dress Tumblr, Dreaming Of A Minimalist Fashion Uniform

• a dressier top. something to wear with jeans when having poetry nights with your friends; i would still advise to go for black, but the style can be more extravagant – puff sleeves, maybe?

• a basic long-sleeved t-shirt. choose a dark, muted colour or go for black.

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• an oversized knit. white, grey or black; wool is best at keeping you warm.

• basic knit. possibly black; doesn’t have to be boring in style – could be a wrap cardigan, a turtle or mock-neck, balloon-sleeved…


• a pair of black straight-leg jeans. stick to 100% cotton.

• a pair of black or dark grey trousers. wool or cotton is good.

• a black skirt. mini or midi; wool is, again, great for winter, but anything will do.


• a long-sleeved little black dress. pick a style you like, be it frilly or clean cut.

• a dark knit dress. just try to stay away from acrylic & polyester, they won’t keep you warm.


• a few pairs of bras. go for neutral colours & comfort.

• enough underpants. black or baby pink lace is always nice; cotton is good.

• different types of socks. black & white, thick & thin; make sure your ankles are covered.

• black tights. they keep your legs warm when you wear a skirt or a dress.


choose gold or silver, whichever suits you best, & stick to it.

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• two dainty necklaces. you can wear them on their own of stacked together.

• a few rings. one bigger & more interesting, the rest more minimal to complement the more intriguing piece.

• a pair of everyday earrings & a more elegant pair. if you wear earrings; make sure both pairs fit your other jewellery.


• an over-the-shoulder leather bag. black or brown; it should fit your school papers & at least a few extra books.

• a small bag for special occasions. whatever style you like; it should go together with your little black dress & fit at least a lipstick & everything you might need at a party – a tiny bottle of vodka & a small notebook?

• a black or checkered (but dark in colour) umbrella. for those beautifully gloomy, rainy days.

• a leather belt. black or brown, depending on the colour of your bag & shoes.

• a scrunchie. black velvet or white satin.


• a pair of black or brown boots. either a chelsea boot or a dr. martens type shoe; these should be the same colour as your everyday bag.

• a menswear-inspired shoe. should match your bag; oxfords, brogues, derbys…

• occasion footwear. type depends on your style; could be heeled ankle boots, pumps, ankle-strap heels, loafers, ballerinas or even the same derby shoes from the previous point.


• a long woollen coat. preferably black; could also be a checkered dark grey.

• a tweed jacket or checkered blazer. in grey or brown tones; could be worn under the oversized coat for added warmth.

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• a pair of mittens. in a dark colour; maybe a friend or a lover knitted them for you?

• a big long scarf. matches the mittens; favour natural materials for warmth.

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