Kidnapped Kids: Where Are They Now?

Their cases made national news. Undergoing horrible ordeals as children, from kidnapping to abuse, they all managed to survive and tell their stories. From Elizabeth Smart to Jaycee Dugard, these kids from famous crime cases are both horrifying and inspiring.

For Elizabeth, she was able to turn her traumatic experience with being kidnapped at 14 into an advocacy career. She’s now a spokesperson for the anti-pornography group, Fight the New Drug. “He would just sit and look at it and stare at it, and he would just talk about these women, and then when he was done, he would turn and look at me, and he would be like, ‘Now we’re going to do this,'” she said in a video about her convicted abductor, Brian David Mitchell.

Since her 2003 rescue, Elizabeth credits her Mormon faith and her supportive, loving family as helping her deal with the aftermath of trauma. But like most kidnapped kids who are later found, she still struggles with the aftermath. Check out the gallery below to see other before-and-after pics of famous kids from criminal cases.

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