Kanye West Already Had Amber Rose Recreate Grace Jones’ Iconic Pose!

It was recently revealed that Kanye West has plans to commission a life-size sculpture of his wife Kim Kardashian posing naked á la Grace Jones on her iconic cover for her 1985 album, ‘Island Life.’

And if this sounds a bit familiar, that’s because it is — as the 37-year-old had Amber Rose, his girlfriend at the time, recreate the pose when they were dating in 2010!

Grace Jones’ original on the left, Amber’s recreation on the right (photo credit: r/r, courtesy of Kanye West).

Kanye’s decision to capture his wife’s naked body in the infamous pose comes just weeks after the 33-year-old channeled Jones for ‘Paper Magazine.’

“That’s my inspiration, to see Kim captured for all time,” Yeezy revealed. He also expressed his desire to commission a “gallery quality” piece of “erotic art” of himself and his wife, saying, “We’d like to have that hung on our bedroom wall.”

A senior executive for ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ said Kanye had other ideas in mind before he settled on Grace Jones’ album cover.

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“Kanye even toyed with the idea of replicating Kim’s recent nude magazine photo shoot,” the source explained.

“But he thought that might be a little too personal to display to visitors who will clap eyes on her statue the moment they walk in the door. So now he’s going with the Grace Jones album cover, although it’s debatable whether Kim could actually hold such a balletic pose for too long without toppling over.”

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Riiiiight. Her totally naked body is too intimate — so you go with her mostly naked body in the same pose that you just so happened to have your last girlfriend recreate?

We’re calling shenanigans. Or a very, very specific fetish of Kanye’s…

Well at least one thing is settled: He finally got to “dip that ass in gold.”

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