Jessa Duggar’s Wedding Registry Revealed — How Does It Compare to Sister Jill’s?

Jessa Duggar is wasting no time walking down the aisle! She recently confirmed she’ll officially become Mrs. Ben Seewald on Nov. 1!

But in less than two months, Jessa will be getting a lot more than a ring on her finger, a new last time and a lifetime of happiness—she’ll also be getting lots and lots of presents!

Here Comes the Bride…: Jessa Duggar Shows Off Her Engagement Ring in New Video!

Like her sister Jill and husband Derick, the future Mr. and Mrs. Seewald completed a wedding registry for their big day—and it includes some unexpected goodies!

Jessa is registered at Amazon and Bed, Bath & Beyond , while Jill was registered at those two stores as well as Wal-Mart—and their very different lists reveal just how different these sisters are!

So how do they compare? Let’s investigate!

The Nomz

Listen, we get it. A wedding registry is a great way to build the foundation of your home life together. So it makes more sense to stock your China cabinet rather than your pantry… but that didn’t stop Jill from asking for groceries!

She and Derick registered for five different kinds of cereal (and apparently received all five).

Jessa, on the other hand, isn’t wasting her time with cereal! What does she look like? A lazy bachelorette who can’t cook for herself?! Well, yeah, actually…

She asked for various gift cards—to Applebee’s, Outback Steakhouse and The Cheesecake Factory among others—to dine out.

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Hey, we’re big advocates of Treatin’ Yo’self here at In Touch Weekly. No judgment.

For the Kitchen

Even though Jessa is preparing for the life of takeout, both girls registered for kitchen essentials—pots, pans, plates, flatware and the like. But the differences were really revealed after you get beyond the basics.

Jill asked for practical things—like dip trays!—that lead us to believe she’ll be doing some hosting.

Whereas Jessa went for the wackier things… Like a flavor injector.



The WTF!?

We’ll cut right to the chase here. Jill shocked us by registering for firearms and ammunition at Wal-Mart.

Jessa’s list included equally strange—but very, very different—requests that had us scratching our heads… Like several funky Duct tapes—in funky colors and even one that has a bacon print!

For the Bedroom

Jessa wins this round of “Which Duggar Sister Has the Better Registry?!” because she went for the designer sheets (by DKNY, in case you were wondering).

We know the Duggars are all about modesty, but if you’re going to be spending a lot of time in the bedroom…. Well, it may be worth the splurge!



Toys For the Boys

Wedding planning is typically considered a woman’s venture—but both guys made out quite nicely on the registry!

Derick’s wish list included a basketball, a football, a Ping-Pong table and a Foosball table. While Ben’s requests were much more practical—like a fancy electronic razor.

The Wait… You Can Register For That? BRB, Finding Someone to Marry

Both couples asked for an iPad.

Jill and Derick also requested a keyboard—while Jessa and Ben topped theirs off with a Macbook.

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Waiiiiit! You can ask for those as wedding gifts?

Um… anyone looking to get hitched? Call us!

On that note… we can’t wait to see what Jill and Derick register for when it comes time for a baby shower!


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