How To Get On The Ghost Ship In Wind Waker?


How To Get On The Ghost Ship In Wind Waker?

It’s filled with undead monsters. To enter it, simply approach it. If you have the Ghost Ship Map in your possession, you will automatically board it. Beat the enemies inside (utilizing the moonlight to defeat the Poes) and you will collect the Triforce Shard 4 (Wii U) or the Triforce Chart 4 (GameCube).Jan 30, 2014

How do I get on the ghost ship?

Entrance to the Ghost Ship

The Ghost Ship haunts seven islands of the Great Sea during the night. It appears at different locations depending on the current state of the moon. Only by obtaining the Ghost Ship Chart, hidden on Diamond Steppe Island, Link can enter it.

How do you get on Diamond Steppe Island?

Sail up close to the island and use your Hookshot on the bottom palm tree to get on top of the cliff. Drop into the hole. Jump into the cauldron and warp to the next area (red circle, marked 1).

How do you get the Triforce chart on the ghost ship?

Triforce Shard 4
  1. This hidden cave houses some old shipwrecks — and 15 warp cauldrons. …
  2. Jump into the cauldron and warp to the next area (red circle, marked 1). …
  3. In the next area, walk forward and burn the right cauldron’s lid (image below, left). …
  4. Open up the treasure chest to get the Ghost Ship Chart.

How do I get into the cave on Greatfish Isle?

If you’ve got enough magic energy to make it, climb up the small spiral island with the tree spirit on top. Change the wind direction to the northwest. Fly northwest with your Deku Leaf and make a right into the opening in the rock.

Do you need the Ghost Ship Chart in Wind Waker?

The Ghost Ship Chart is necessary to complete the game so that Link can enter the ship and obtain the Triforce Chart (or Triforce Shard in the HD version) hidden within.

Where is Diamond Steppe Island?

the Great Sea
Diamond Steppe Island is an island found in the Great Sea in The Wind Waker. It derives its name from its diamond shape. Three islands surround it. To the north is Needle Rock Isle, to the south is Horseshoe Island, and to the east is Five-Eye Reef.

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Where is Bomb Island?

Bomb Island is one of the many islands scattered throughout the Great Sea in The Wind Waker. One square south is the Forest Haven, to the north is Eastern Triangle Island, to the west is Private Oasis, and to the east is Bird’s Peak Rock.

Bomb Island.
Games The Wind Waker
Items Piece of Heart ×2

Where is overlook Island?

Overlook Island is one of the many islands scattered across the Great Sea in The Wind Waker. It is located one square northeast of Dragon Roost Island on Link’s Sea Chart. The island has three different white structures with palm trees on top.

How do you get the Triforce Chart 2?

The Triforce Shard 2 is located on E5: Private Oasis. You have to complete the maze here to get it. In the Wii U Version, the Triforce Shard is located in the chest inside. In the GameCube version, you instead get the Triforce Chart 2 (GameCube).

How do you get the Triforce Chart 7?

Get the Power Bracelet and enter the island and destroy the enemies within to get Triforce Chart 7. Use it to raise the Triforce Shard near F-1: Seven-Star Isles. This chart is only found in the GameCube version.

Where are the Triforce charts located?

Location of Triforce Charts and Triforce Shards
Chart Number Chart Location Shard Location
1 Islet of Steel Greatfish Isle
2 Private Oasis Gale Isle
3 Bird’s Peak Rock Stone Watcher Island
4 Ghost Ship Outset Island

Where do you get triforce charts deciphered?

Tingle Island

Is there anything on Greatfish Isle?

Even though the island is destroyed, there are still residents on it. One of the Traveling Merchants is found on this island, along with the Korok Linder, who planted the Great Deku Tree’s seeds here to help grow the island back. This island is also one of the seven destinations of the Ghost Ship.

How do you climb Greatfish Isle?

If you’ve got enough magic energy to make it, climb up the small spiral island with the tree spirit on top. Change the wind direction to the northwest. Fly northwest with your Deku Leaf and make a right into the opening in the rock. Open the treasure chest.

Where is Mother and Child Isles?

the Great Sea

How do you get to the top of Overlook Island?

Move your boat close to the rock pillar with the palm tree on top. Target the tree with your Hookshot and pull yourself up as soon as the waves carry you within reach. Use the Hookshot again and fight a blue ChuChu.

Where do you get the magic armor in Wind Waker?

The Magic Armor appears as jewel or crystal in The Wind Waker. It is an optional item that can be obtained from Zunari after completing part of the Island Trading Sequence. When activated, a magical barrier covers Link, protecting him from any damage. The Magic Armor slowly drains Link’s Magic Meter while active.

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Where is the cabana in Wind Waker?

the Private Oasis
The Cabana, also known as Mrs. Marie’s Cabana and later Link’s Cabana, is a location found at the Private Oasis in The Wind Waker. Beneath the Cabana is a mini-dungeon that Link must traverse to obtain a Triforce Chart in the GameCube version or Triforce Shard in The Wind Waker HD.

How do you get the Triforce shard on Greatfish Isle?

Triforce Shard 1
  1. The Triforce Shard 1 is found by traveling to the Islet of Steel and finding the Triforce Chart inside. …
  2. Head to the Islet of Steel. …
  3. Sail to the small iron fortress and blow up the ship guarding its entrance. …
  4. Next, warp to B-4: Greatfish Isle and use your Triforce Chart to track down the location.

How do you get the song of passing in Wind Waker?

How to Get the Song of Passing. Go to the top of the cliff on Windfall Island near the bomb shop. You will see a dancing fellow, named Tott, dressed somewhat like Elvis. Show him your Wind Waker (or have it out close to by him) and allow it to chime a 3/4 tune on its own and it will trigger a conversation.

Why do purple martins come to Bomb Island?

“They are coming to Bomb Island to sleep or to rest. They’re not nesting there. A lot of people think that, but actually Purple Martins only nest in bird houses in South Carolina.” And they come by the hundreds of thousands.

How do you get bombs in Oceanhorn?

Cross over and use your master key to open the chest, which will yield you some bombs. Hooray. From now on, you can buy bombs from shops or find them in defeated enemies, smashed pots, and slashed grass. Use your new bombs to blow up these boxes and then climb up the ladder on the other side to exit the room.

How do you get the sea charts in Wind Waker?

Wind Waker Hyrule Sea Chart

You will receive the Sea Chart, as the world map is called in the game early on in the adventure, but only few squares will be filled out. To expand your chart, you will have to feed the creature known as Fishman who appears once in each sector.

How do you get the Triforce chart on birds Peak Rock?

To obtain the Triforce Chart located on the island, Link must use a Hyoi Pear to take control of a near-by flying seagull. Once in control of the seagull, Link must use it to hit all the white diamonds scattered around across the tops of each rock spire on the island, in order to open the gate and obtain the map.

How do you get to Gale Isle?

The Gale Isle is the entrance to the Wind Temple, but the entrance is blocked by a great wind that pushes Link away. To enter the cave, he must obtain the Iron Boots from Ice Ring Isle to get close to the stone that is blowing the wind, then smash it using the Skull Hammer.

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How do you get to Cliff Plateau Island?

Climb on top of the sloped rock and hop across to the next small isle with the mailbox. From there, leap over to the third and fourth isle and enter the hole. This waterlogged cave houses floating platforms of different heights.

How do you make a Tingle chart?

Tingle’s Chart is a special chart given to Link by Tingle in The Wind Waker. After Link rescues him from the Town Jail on Windfall Island, Tingle asks Link if he wants to visit his island, and then gives Link this chart. He instructs Link to open the chart when he goes out to sea.

How do you get the private oasis in Wind Waker?

To do this, you need to first get the Cabana Deed from the schoolteacher on Windfall Island. Refer to the Windfall section here on how to do this. Walk up to the door of your house and show the Deed while standing in front of the door (the Cabana Deed is in your Delivery Bag). The door will be unlocked.

How do you get to tingle island in Wind Waker?

Tingle can be found on Tingle Island after Link rescues him from the jail on Windfall Island. When Link needs him to translate Triforce Charts, he can visit the island to speak with Tingle. Also, Link can warp to the island by playing the “Ballad of Gales” on the Wind Waker.

Is Tingle in Wind Waker?

Tingle Island is one of the islands in The Wind Waker. It is located one block west and one block south of Windfall Island. On this island lives Tingle, who Link had rescued from Windfall Island’s prison, and his three brothers, Knuckle, Ankle, and David Jr..

How do you get the Cabana deed in Wind Waker?

This item is obtained by trading 20 joy pendants with Mrs. Marie at Mrs. Marie’s school of joy. Doing so will give Link the deed to the Cabana granting him full ownership of the Cabana.

Who can read triforce charts?

Although each Triforce Chart shows the location of a shard, they are all initially unreadable. Link must take the charts to Tingle, who deciphers them for 398 Rupees each and makes them readable to Link.

Where can I farm rupees in Wind Waker?

Dragon Roost Island – F2
  • 50 rupees – If you can communicate with Tingle (or by using a bomb), in a room under a big rock, south on the map.
  • 200 rupees – Shoot an arrow (or use a seagull) at the line of bombs hanging in the air, west on the map.
  • 200 rupees – Inside a sunken treasure chest east of the main island.

Which Triforce piece is which?


WIND WAKER HD: GHOST SHIP!! (How To Get In) Gameplay Walkthrough Part 22 – The Legend of Zelda Wii U

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