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Quite honestly, prior to I took my initial image consulting training, I was simply clueless around the term “brief waisted.” What was also crazier was that my mother, who had actually taught me lots around style, used it all the time! But once I was able to understand also it…a totality brand-new people of dressing opened up up! I’ll also admit that discovering just how to dress for this body type and lengthen my own brief torso aided me feel better around my sometimes-chubby middle.

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This article explains how to recognize if you’re brief waisted, or you have a brief torso and longer legs; or if you’re long waisted and your legs are a lot of likely brief. Even though having long legs is an excellent ascollection, having an accompanying short torso deserve to make your top body look a little bit squamelted and also disproportional…and also in my instance it have the right to be a bit frustrating periodically.

In my 15 years as an individual stylist and picture consultant, I’ve discovered that an excellent majority of my clients have shorter waists vs. longer waists. (And if it provides you feel any better, exceptionally few of my clients’ waists are vertically well balanced.) But I’ve additionally learned it’s simplest to remember just a few tips fairly than me offering you every strategy in my quiver for evening out your top and reduced body.

So here are my 6 the majority of stylish tips for dressing your short waisted figure. (Oh, and also I love breaking “rules” so I’ve included in a couple of ways to break the rules I’m sharing today!)

6 stylish tips for dressing your short waisted figure

Embrace the V-neck: A v-neck not just elonentrances your neck, however it also keeps the eye traveling up and down your torso making it show up much longer. The #1 neckline to protect against, (for so many reasons) is a boat neck. This neckline creates a horizontal line across your shoulders shortening the distance in between your neck and waist.

Wear vertical accessories or those that create a low V: Long, skinny scarves are perfect as are long pendant necklaces. These accessories do the very same thing for you as a V-neck…particularly if you’re breaking my dominance by wearing a high neck! (Hey! V-necks are somewhat scarce and deep v’s have the right to be a tiny cold in the winter!)

Look for tops that hit ideal around your hipbone or a little longer: (The petite department deserve to be a solution for tops occasionally.) Hip size jackets and sweaters are likewise a far better length than the cropped or waist size versions. Aacquire, we ssuggest desire to visually lengthen your torso.

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Mid-climb or even low-rise pants are much better than high waisted pants or jeans: You’ll have actually a lot more open area from your bust-line to the optimal of your pants. I recognize it might not seem favor it would certainly matter how high the rise of a pant is if you’re wearing your tops on the outside, however it truly makes a distinction. A mid or low-rise (although a bit hard to find these days,) will certainly likewise many likely be more comfortable!

If you choose high waisted pants or are having trouble finding mid-increase pants, here is how to wear them even if you’re short waisted. 

Avoid belts: (You knew this one was coming, right?) A belt at your herbal waist draws a line that cuts you and also entirely emphasizes your mini-torso and long legs.

Should you have a love affair through belts, attempt to wear a belt that matches your peak rather of one that matches your bottom. A thin belt worn loosely at your waist will dip dvery own a bit and also produce a nice V, (finding simply the ideal belt to make this job-related is a little bit tricky.) You deserve to also wear low slung, hip belts; yet they mostly had their heyday in the ‘80’s.

Wear your tops out instead of tucking them in: (You’ve more than likely wondered why tucking never before feels best anymeans.) Not just does leaving your top out visually lengthen your torso, yet it’s even more comfortable and also slims your tummy also.

Bonus Tip: A solid color dress, particularly one without a collection in waist, will certainly produce an uninterrupted column of shade, making you look long and also lean. For that issue, creating a column of color or a corresponding peak and also bottom will also do the exact same trick and also is a universally flattering styling approach.

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Even though I have actually a lot more ways to aid you create a more vertically well balanced appearance, these 6 tips are basic to remember and also easy to apply. Hopecompletely you’ll find them to be as liberating as I did, and also if you desire even more tips or means to break the rules, call me to learn exactly how.



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