How To Dress Like Cara Delevingne 'S Style File, Steal Her Style: Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne Summer outfits. You might have seen Cara appear in Suicide Squad, one of the most controversial and talked-about superhero films in recent years. The 5’7 British model and actress is multi-talented and multi-faceted: she can play the drums, she can sing, she models, and she acts! Is there anything this girl can’t do?

Besides her countless enviable skills, Cara’s wardrobe is something to be admired. Her fashion aesthetic is a perfect reflection of her distinctive personality. We simply love this girl’s fashion sense! Let us peek into Cara’s closet for some summer inspiration.

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Cara Delevingne’s Summer Outfits We Love

Cara’s a superhero in real life too. She was open about her depression, psoriasis, and sexual identity, she also bravely spoke out against Harvey Weinstein, accusing the sexual predator of misconduct in 2017. Cara has faced all challenges that came her way and has become strong because of them. Her fearlessness is evident in her style.


Cara Delevingne’s Biography

Cara was born in 1992 to Charles Hamar Delevingne and Pandora Ana Delevingne. Her middle name is Jocelyn. She has two sisters, Cloe and Poppy, and a brother, Alex. Cara grew up in London. Her acting career started with Anna Karenina in 2012.

Interesting Facts about Cara Delevingne

The 27-year-old’s been modeling since the age of 10: she first appeared on the cover of Vogue at such a tender age. She quit the profession in 2015 to pursue an acting career.Cara is a big fan of tattoos, with at least 20 spotted all over her body. Diamonds, stars, lions, elephants, hearts, snakes, eyes, and funnily enough ‘BACON’ and ‘Made in England’ are some of the weird things the artist has had inked on her body.Cara suffers from a condition called ‘Psoriasis.’She almost became a singer. Her dream is to launch her own record label.Cara is a huge gamer, citing Call of Duty as one of her favorites.Cara is worth $35 million, as of 2020.


Cara Delevingne’s Instagram

She has an enviable fan following on Instagram, with 44+million followers, and increasing every day. She is an outspoken feminist and activist, using her platform to spread positivity and awareness.

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↓ 30 – The All-Denim Street Style

Lets’s start with an all-denim look. Who doesn’t love denim? Cara seems to favor it, especially as she has been spotted wearing denim shorts in various styles over the years. It’s relaxing and wearable in all seasons. A denim shirt over denim shorts and cool sneakers will be your ultimate street style ensemble. Take a look at our earlier post about  Cute Outfits with Skinny Jeans for Plus Size Ladies.


↓ 29 – Cara’s Summer Picnic Skirt

In the mood for a picnic and want to look fabulous? Take pointers from Cara Delevigne! She wears a cream-colored loose-sleeved shirt tucked inside a cherry-red high-waisted skirt. The outfit is accessorized with a suitcase-style handbag and a simple pendant necklace.


↓ 28 – Cara Super Formal Look

This casual look consists of a double sleeve two-piece skirt suit with a short-sleeved and high-collared shirt. You can accessorize with a necklace and brown flat sandals. The color tones of this outfit make it very official-looking, and we love that!


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↓ 27 – A Modern Princess

Knee-length 50’s style dress with oversized sleeve holes and black side panels, matched with blue suede pointed pumps, this charming blue dress is your summer prom inspiration.


↓ 26 – Cara’s Casual Punk Style

She is wearing a white T-shirt with punk-inspired print and black, shiny skinnies, accessorized with red pointed pumps, and studded clutch bag—hot red lipstick to match the shoes. Cara Delevingne has an eye for statement t-shirts. You’ll see more of her cool t-shirts in our picks below.


↓ 25 – Plain and Plaid

The queen of casual relaxes on a night out with friends in this ultimate comfortable attire. These cut-off denim shorts with plain white, strap vest, and checkered shirt matched with denim high top is perfect for a relaxing time.


↓ 24 – Hot Pink Short Dress

This ferocious shiny pink sequin dress is too hot to handle. The silver T-Bar stiletto pumps and hair in a loose side ponytail are only adding fuel to the fire. Wear this to a summer night party and become a heartbreaker. Explore more about Best Dressing Ideas with Pink Clothes.


↓ 23 – In All White Outfit

 Yes, Cara in a dress is a rare thing. The tomboy is mostly spotted in shorts and tees, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t embrace her feminine side. She’s wearing a plain white strap dress fitted at the waist, heavily contrasted by flat buckle sandals, and accessorized with a minimalist chain necklace and bracelet.


↓ 22 – Emerald Green Peplum Top

Peplum tops are fashionable things. They’re ever-present in most of the significant red carpet looks celebrities wear. They also go well with casual or semi-formal attire. Cara’s ensemble seems to be in the latter category. She’s wearing a green, deep V top flared at the waist with silky geometric print white shorts. Accessorized with a matching geometric print designer handbag and simple gold earrings, you can go shopping and slay the onlookers.

↓ 21 – Relaxed Summer Look with a Hat

She has a knack for matching hats with her outfits. Summer heat justifies hats, to be sure. She is wearing a white, button-up, loose fit shirt with baby blue loose fit shorts in this picture. Matched with Red wide-brimmed trilby and black strap, peep-toe pumps, Cara looks ready to face the day and tackle all that comes her way!

↓ 20 – Cara’s Sports Style

There is a lot of black and white in Cara’s wardrobe. This checked black and white playsuit with a character design jacket is a whole mood. The white spots trainers are playful and look fantastic.

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↓ 19 – Comfort is Everything

It’s a version of a white tank top, almost a mini dress, and Cara’s wearing some sort of wrapped skirt underneath. We have no idea how it’s been wrapped there, but it’s a great inspiration, nonetheless. You can achieve a similar style by wrapping a black scarf around your lower waist. Also, try finding black skirts in unusual cuts and styles from affordable brands and websites.

↓ 18 –  Fresh Off-to-Work Style

She loves denim shorts! You’ll find dozens of them in her outfit choices. They’re the best thing to wear in the summer heat, and the great thing about them is that they tend to look well with any kind of top. Here, a black chiffon, button-up shirt is worn with the denim shorts and strapped peep-toe pumps.

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↓ 17 – Rock Chic

Cara can be seen sporting a rock chic look in a DKNY-printed logo vest top and denim shorts. She’s accessorized with a gold pendant and high top chunky sneakers. Her hairstyle is perfect. Buns, ponytails, or braids simply won’t vibe with this look.


↓ 16 – Cara’s Travel Style 

Going for a hike or a day trip in the summer and searching for the right outfit? We’ve got you covered. Cara’s travel style consists of a long-sleeved, see-through white jumper with denim shorts, contrasted with black Nike high tops, and a brown leather backpack. Don’t forget to wear your trusty shades, the sun won’t be kind!

↓ 15 – It City Girl

She looks like a socialite in this ensemble. It’s chic, yet powerful if carried with confidence. The black fitted, long-sleeve shirt is paired with a floor-length white skirt with a side split. You can accessorize with sunglasses and a gold buckled clutch bag like Cara. Wear platform sandals or ankle peep-toes.

↓ 14 – Cara’s Feisty Workout Outfit

Whether those tights are workout friendly or not is debatable, but Cara sure looks like she’s coming out of the gym. The black short sleeve crop top with shiny black leggings only magnifies her boss girl persona. Matched with ankle peep-toe boots decorated with zips and buckles, she looks ready to kick some butt.


↓ 13 – Summer Beach Style

Capture the essence of summer in a splendid outfit like this one. It consists of a pale pink button-up shirt and matching shorts. It’s been contrasted with a red wide brim sun hat and matching red lipstick. For daytime parties and outings to the beach, this look is the one for you. It’s both fiery and soft, bold, and light. You should accessorize with pearl jewelry, like bracelets or earrings, but keep it minimalistic.


↓ 12 – Camouflage Babe

She’s wearing a fitted DKNY, thigh-length camouflage dress, which she has accessorized with a black sports visor cap, various funky bracelets, and a silver watch. It’s made with a stretchy fabric that is bound to be light, so look for similar material.


↓ 11 – Statement Tees

If you pay attention, you’ll realize that Cara wears many tees and printed ones at that. Walking down the street with her pal, Zoe Kravitz, she’s wearing a white logo t-shirt with striped short shorts. You can accessorize with sunglasses and white trainers like her. Put your hair in an artfully messy bun to complete the look.

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↓ 10 – Cara’s High-street Casual Attire

Her wardrobe is a dream for street-style enthusiasts. Cara has hundreds of lively street clothes in her wardrobe. We love her Puma jumper and the peppy spider-web tights she’s wearing with it.


↓ 9 – Lavender Suit with a High Ponytail

Girls in suits look powerful! Girls in suits with a high ponytail look badass! We love the marvelous color tone Cara went for. The white tee underneath the blazer gives a nice contrast to the lavender. Her face looks a bit pale and white-washed, though. Make sure to go with a matching lipstick instead of a nude shade like here.


↓ 8 – Monochrome Crop-top and Shorts

Cara wore this cute two-piece outfit to the premiere of her movie Paper Towns. Her toned midriff and long legs are on full display. This kind of attire is ideal for summertime. It’s airy and if the material is soft and light, that’d be even better.


↓ 7 – Artistic Doodle Sleeveless Top

It’s okay to be silly sometimes, though Cara looks anything but. This playful white sleeveless top brings out her artistic side, and she carries it well. You can wear shorts underneath, or skinny jeans. Make sure to accessorize like Cara, subtly, and artfully.


↓ 6 – Bubbly Schoolgirl Look

Cara can be seen walking the streets wearing this edgy Balmain bag. Her overall look reminds us of something a schoolgirl would wear, only ten times more stylish. Her tight twin buns, heart tee, and barbie skirt look gorgeous together. The sandals she’s chosen to wear with this getup are funky and vibing well with her outfit.


↓ 5 – Dolce and Gabbana Floral Dress

Warm tones and florals are the perfect summer combination. This stunning two-piece Dolce and Gabbana dress with big roses printed on top is luxurious and feminine. Cara’s lacy sandals can be swapped for red or nude heels.

Outfit Details:

Rose-printed Viscose Cady Top ($995)


↓ 4 – Studded Suicide Squad Premiere Dress

This bizarre piece is literally held together by a couple of silver rings. If you look towards Cara for style inspiration, these are the kind of dresses you will find. She wore knee-high boots with this dress but you can go for simple heels in summer.

Outfit Details:


↓ 3 – Gothic Sheer Lace Ensemble

Eli Saab is one of the top-tier designers globally, it’s no wonder why rule-breakers like Cara would gravitate towards his designs. This black lace dress fits the goth queen like a glove, bringing out her badass personality. The sheerness of it means it’ll be a tremendous help in bypassing the summer heat. It’s an excellent choice for parties.

Outfit Details:


↓ 2 – Pretty Pink Dior Dress

This pretty number Cara wore during Paris Fashion Week is major style goal for summer. It’s soft in color and texture, her choice of shoes and hairstyle is commendable. It’s giving off a feminine, babydoll vibe which everybody adores.

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Outfit Details: Cara is wearing Dior head-to-toe:

Pre-Fall 2019 dress (not available)My ABCDior Tribale Earring ($220)


↓ 1 – Cara’s Black Cut-out Jumpsuit

Cara’s willingness to break all the fashion rules and create new boundaries was on full display here. The actress attended the 2nd Annual Girl Up Girlhero Awards wearing this denim cut-out jumpsuit. The jumpsuit took polka dots to a whole other level. It’s breathable, which makes it ideal for summer! You can find something similar and match with cute pumps.

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