How To Dress For Warped Tour, 140 Warped Tour Outfits Ideas

So mid-July I will be going to Warped Tour with friends… I went last year but what are some cute but comfortableoutfits?


I love Warped Tour this year will be my 6th year in a row. Where some thing comfy that you can spend all day in. I normally wear a lose fitting crop top with high waisted shorts and either my converse or keds or vans. You don't really want to wear tight fitting clothes because as you move around and sweat they start sticking to you and become very uncomfy.Make sure you bring sunscreen and sunglasses and remember to stay hydrated and havefun!

I've gone once. wear something comfy. I would say shorts because its going to be really hot with all those people. Also if you straighten your hair I recommend you leavr it natural of bring an elastic because they sometimes hose everyone down with water:P.

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