How To Dress For Baptism : 3 Style Rules For Men, How To Dress For A Baby&#39S Baptism

Like weddings, christenings are formal events, which means that a certain formality of dress is expected. Unlike weddings, however, there aren’t many strange superstitions or color-based clothing rules attached to them, so you’re much less likely to offend someone by turning up in the wrong thing. They’re also slightly less “dressy” than weddings, so unless you’re a Godparent, or, well, the baby, you’re probably not going to have to rush out and buy a whole new outfit which you’ll never wear again, and should be able to pull something together from your existing wardrobe.

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Here are some outfit ideas you may try.


The floral print Audrey Hepburn style 1950s vintage dress with a wide flared out full circle skirt section is a classic and iconic style that will never be out of fashion.

You can choose to wear a vintage dress if you like vintage clothing. This Lindy Bop ‘Antoinette’ vintage long-sleeved brocade dress has lace trim to cuffs, neckline and hem, which makes it a perfect choice for a christening or a cocktail party.

Before you go out looking for the right dress or suit, remember that christenings may be held at any time of year. Spring is the most popular season for baptisms, meaning that the weather can vary quite a bit. You can be lucky and have sunshine and pleasant temperatures or unlucky and the day may be wet and cold. Thus, it is advisable that when planning for a baptism in spring, you choose an outfit that is suitable in both sunshine and rain. Ideally, you should have a thin jacket and closed shoes to use if the day turns out to be a cool one.

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A good option is a short or cocktail dress, but this must be at least knee length and no shorter. Choose colors that are not too flashy, so beige, earth tones or pastels can be ideal.

It is recommended that the shoes you wear for the baptism are of medium height, and that they match with a small bag. Regarding accessories, we would advise you not to be too flashy, go instead for a simple look.

Do you like black and white? The contrasting shades of black and white trends are going to be essential for the spring and summer season’s trends. This trend in any combination will be suitable to wear to a christening in the Spring/Summer season.

Floral is the Spring color; bloom, bright, feminine, sweet and beautiful!

Similar to floral, prints trend is everywhere this season. They come in various shapes and sizes – they are cool, wild, hot, colorful, floral, and anything you can think of. You can wear this to any event of choice, but remember, if you are attending a baptism ceremony in the church environment, you will need to dress appropriately. Always carry a scarf or shawl with you in case your dress is sleeveless.

A skirt and jacket/blouse (again, think “smart” rather than “sexy” when it comes to skirt length and shape).

A pretty cardigan, shrug or other wrap: churches can be cold, whatever the time of year.

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A statement necklace or other accessory to add a touch of interest to plainer outfits.

Wear white because it is a sense of purity.

Dress up to the max with this floor sweeping wonder. The royal blue color will perfectly complement matching silver accessories and shoes. Give it your own styling spin by adding a new belt.

Or try something else a bit different like a metallic pleated skirt. Partner with a crisp white shirt and a pair of gold dangly earrings. Add that edge by popping the collar and rolling the sleeves of the shirt up.

A clutch is all well and good, but sometimes you need your hands free (for those precious moments when you get to cradle the baby!) This clutch gives you the best of both worlds, as the strap can be tucked away. And in modern metallic silver, it’ll lift any look.

Go slightly sixties inspired and opt for this textured monochrome dress. The tunic shape will elongate a curvier silhouette. Team with a black blazer and add a splash of color with some stand out heels.

You’re never too old for a tutu! Make a bold statement with this full skirt. Pair with a simple silk t-shirt and pick out the silver diamontes on the skirt with matching jewelry.

Make an impact with this red and cream print dress. It will perfectly pinch in your waist and the higher neck will disguise a bigger bust.

The blouse is a real statement buy this summer. From high-neck to ruffled styles, it’s a real statement piece. We love this flowing pastel – worn over wide leg trousers, it’ll look flattering and feel comfortable.

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For an ultra feminine finish look no further than this Self Portrait dress. With its blue lace fabric, this dress will partner perfectly with a white cropped blazer and silver strappy sandals.

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