How to Contour and Get That Summer Glow

When it comes to A-listers who always look flawless, Blac Chyna most definitely tops the list. The Lashed Cosmetics owner, 31, is not only blessed with glowing skin and striking features, but she also has a seriously talented glam team — including makeup artist Alex Jairus.  

Speaking exclusively with In Touch, Chyna and Alex walk viewers through a step-by-step tutorial of the model’s go-to “daytime summery glam” look. Considering Chyna lives in Los Angeles, the weather pretty much always calls for something lightweight, but you certainly don’t have to wait until June to recreate this for yourself. 

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For starters, you’re going to need your entire makeup arsenal to achieve Chyna’s glam. While the finished product will undoubtedly look natural, it’s still going to require everything from foundation to eyeshadow. Alex begins by prepping Chyna’s face — twice! The longtime reality TV starlet moisturizes with La Mer, as well as with a Tatcha lotion that doubles as a primer. Needless to say, her makeup lasts all day long. 

For foundation, Alex advises going a little darker than your natural skin tone. “I brighten her up with the concealer,” he explains. Chyna uses the Hourglass Cosmetics Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation Stick. “She has a lot of yellow tone in her skin, so I always try to keep with the yellows,” adds Alex. Of course, everyone’s undertones vary (cool vs. warm) so be sure to figure that out before purchasing your foundation. 

Blac Chyna Makeup Tutorial
In Touch

Next up: contour! “We’re going for a very soft, gentle look. This is for when she’s out,” the celebrity MUA explains. Note: Alex applies Chyna’s foundation and concealer with a sponge, not a brush! However, when he applies a second contour, Alex blends out with a brush for a more “seamless” appearance. 

As it happens, Chyna’s routine starts before any of her makeup is even applied. “I use a skinny, small eyebrow shaver to shave my face because I get peach fuzz,” she laughs. “One week, I missed that week, and Alex did my makeup and I swear, it was like a little chinchilla underneath my makeup!”

Blac Chyna Makeup Tutorial
In Touch

See, ladies? You’re not alone! Even someone as fabulous as Blac Chyna has to come up with beauty hacks of her own.

To see Chyna’s complete makeup tutorial, be sure to watch the full, exclusive video above.

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