How Tight Should A Dress Shirt Collar Be On Men’S Dress Shirts?

Correct dress shirt fit is something most men fail to get right. In fact, if you look around, you”ll see most men wearing dress shirts that are 1-2 sizes too large. The result is a shirt that looks awkward and billows at the sides.

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It makes you feel uncomfortable, ruins your professional image, and gives off the notion that you don”t take good care of yourself.

In this article, we explain exactly how a dress shirt should fit.

The parts to a dress shirt to be considered:

#1 Dress Shirt Fit: Collar


Too Tight

The shirt has sleeves that you can”t pull off without unbuttoning the cuffs (or popping a button). The cuffs press against the skin around the wrists – and you feel like they”re “strangling” your wrists. In terms of solutions, you may want to move the button or look for a larger size instead.

Too Loose

The cuffs are wide enough to slide loosely over a watch – but still have enough room for some fingers to go in between the cloth and your skin. Folds or wrinkles form in the cuff fabric when your arms rest against a flat surface (like a table). This fit means you”ll have to either size down or tighten it up with the cuff button.

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Just Right

The cuffs should fit close to the body while still allowing space between the fabric and your wrists. You can quickly put the shirt on or take it off without unbuttoning the cuffs – and hardly any wrinkles form. If you wear a watch often, it”s better to size the cuffs on your watch.

#6 Dress Shirt Fit: Sleeve Length

Too Short

The wrist bones are left exposed, or the cuffs disappear underneath the sleeves of your jacket. Unfortunately, neither situation makes the shirt look good – so you”ll need to find a different brand with longer sleeves.

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Too Long

The sleeves extend to the heel of your hands. This length leads to some fabric bunching up at the point where the cuffs end. When you wear a watch, it”s going to be covered by the sleeve every time.

Just Right

The sleeves come all the way down to the large wrist bones (at the base of the pinky/ring fingers). When you”re wearing a jacket, about 1/2 inch of shirt cuff is seen beyond the end of the jacket sleeves. The cuff should also touch (and in some postures cover) your watch whenever you wear it.

#7 Dress Shirt Fit: Bottom Hem Length

Too Short

When the shirt is untucked, it barely covers your belt line (or the waist of your trousers). Some parts of the hem remain exposed when tucked in and might pop out when your body moves or bends. You”ll need a different brand or larger size.

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Too Long

The shirttails are long enough to cover the crotch (or extend beyond it). When tucked in, any excess fabric has to be shoved between the legs to prevent bunching up. But compared to other “oversized” things – this one isn”t a severe problem. A tailor will be able to shorten this easily.

Just Right

The proper dress shirt length ends a few inches below the beltline – allowing the shirt to stay tucked in when you raise your arms. When untucked, the hem falls just far enough to cover your belt.

In men”s style, there are three qualities that affect your appearance: Fit, Fabric, and Function.

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These three qualities make up the “Style Pyramid.” Click here to discover how to take your style game to the next level!

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