How Many Chapters Are In Lego City Undercover?


How Many Chapters Are In Lego City Undercover?

All fifteen Chapters of the game have their own walkthrough page, each with the same headings, each made up of the same components. This page explains how the walkthrough pages are laid out, and what each component does. The Special Assignment Levels have their own walkthroughs, which are subpages of the Chapter pages.Mar 19, 2018

How many hours is Lego City Undercover?

Lego City Undercover offers about 13 hours of story content and an absurd huge pile of extra stuff to go and do after that.

Is there a Lego City Undercover 2?

LEGO City Undercover 2 is a game developed by TT Games and Super Leaf Studios and Published by Nintendo. It is the sequel to the 2013 Wii U Game LEGO City Undercover, and is set one year after the events of the first game.

What is the last chapter of Lego City Undercover?

Chapter 15
Part 11 (finale) of a 2 player co-op walkthrough for LEGO City Undercover Remastered for PS4. This covers all of Chapter 15 – Far Above the Call of Duty. There is one special assignment in this chapter and it’s titled “Fly Me to the Moon”.

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What are the chapters in Lego City Undercover?

Missions in LEGO City Undercover
  • Chapter 1 – New Faces and Old Enemies.
  • Chapter 2 – Blast from the Past. Special Assignment – Some Assaults.
  • Chapter 3 – Go Directly to Jail. …
  • Chapter 4 – When the Going Gets Tough. …
  • Chapter 5 – Undercover.
  • Chapter 6 – All in the Family. …
  • Chapter 7 – One Small Job for Chan. …
  • Chapter 8 – The Rescue.

Is Lego City Undercover fun?

LEGO City Undercover, however, is all-out fun. A spoof crime thriller of the most enjoyable variety, it brings hours of action interspersed with endless laughs.

How long is Lego City Undercover 3ds?

Finding and ‘solving’ each of these distractions counts towards the completion percentage, and you’ll need to be dedicated to reach the coveted 100% mark; it took us 12 hours to reach 23%. If you’re just in it for the story, though, that can be cleared in around eight hours.

Who does the voice of Chase McCain?

Joseph May is the voice of Chase McCain in Lego City Undercover.

What is the fastest car in Lego City Undercover?

Performance. The Lantos is the best accelerated car in the game. and also the fastest cars in the game. The Drakonas is an another supercar with more acceleration & handling than the Lantos.

How many missions are there in Lego City Undercover?

The LEGO City: Undercover game guide provides detailed information about the game. A thorough description of the walkthrough of the game’s storyline divided into 15 chapters will help with completing the storyline, especially for the youngest of players.

Where is Rex Fury disguise?

How do you beat Rex Fury in space?

More brave red-clad space soldiers arrive to fight. Defeat them one-by-one until Rex Fury returns! He’ll bring another gang of minions. Grab one, and throw the goon into Rex Fury’s floating energy shield to knock him down.

What happens when you complete Lego City Undercover?

When you complete the game a statue will appear in the city. This statue gives you unlimited amount of Studs. For completing the game you unlock a big statue, representing you, in the city that gives you unlimited amount of Studs. You also unlock a Red brick that changes your character into a giant.

What is the first mission in Lego City Undercover?

Chapter 1: New Faces and Old Enemies.

How do you get on top of Pappalardo’s?

Ride your bike to the waypoint and prepare to fight. Next, you’ll need to head to Pappalardo’s again, so hop back on your bike and ride over there. Once there, climb the large tank and hop along the thin poles to reach the roof.

How do you get the Segway in Lego City Undercover?

Before entering Rex’s cell, use your Fireman disguise to chop through the planks on the door to the left. Inside, break a cabinet on the back wall to reveal a safe with dynamite inside. Use it to blow up the sink on the right side of the room, then ride the geyser up to the Segway token.

Is Lego undercover like GTA?

Lego City Undercover is very similar to Grand Theft Auto with its open world, vehicles and crime. But, instead of the gangsters you play the cop and gratuitous family-friendly humour replaces the violence. You can think of the game as GTA for kids. … While the main game is passable, the side quests are very boring.

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Is Lego City Undercover easy?

How easy is LEGO City Undercover to pick up and play? As with the other LEGO games, LEGO City Undercover does its best to ease new players in, providing plenty of prompts, and frequent, yet non-intrusive tutorials to ensure you’re rarely ever stuck.

Is Lego City Undercover good for adults?

“Lego City Undercover” (Rated E-10) is the latest installment in the core video game series, and it’s another winner in what may be gaming’s most reliable franchise. Fun for both kids and adults, the Lego games retain a goofy playfulness actually kind of hard to find on store shelves these days.

How long is Lego Harry Potter?

Single-Player Polled Median
Main Story 16 25h 15m
Main + Extras 13 32h
Completionists 26 50h
All PlayStyles 55 39h 35m

How many copies did Lego City Undercover sell?

The original Wii U version had sold over one million copies worldwide as of 2019.
Lego City Undercover
Platform(s) Wii U Microsoft Windows Nintendo Switch PlayStation 4 Xbox One

When did Lego City Undercover The Chase Begins?

April 21, 2013

Who is the voice of Agent 47?

David Bateson
He is best known for providing the voice of Agent 47, the protagonist of IO Interactive’s video game series Hitman, having played the role since the year 2000 in each of the franchise’s eight main games.
David Bateson
Occupation Actor comedian
Years active 1994–present
Known for Voice of Agent 47 in Hitman

How old is Chase McCain?

Chase McCain
Gender Male
Age 28
Occupation Police Officer (currently) Ice ninja (in future timeline)
Appearances LEGO City Undercover, LEGO City Undercover: The Chase Begins, Lego Dimensions

Who voices Hiro in the Crew 2?

Joseph May is the voice of Hiro in The Crew 2.

Can you tow a car in Lego City Undercover?

If you ever wanted to be a tow truck driver, then the Dragger is the vehicle for you. If you want to unlock it then you just need to build the Vehicle Call-In Point Superbuild located in Auburn, so make sure to save up before reaching this area.

How do you get the police truck in Lego City Undercover?

M.O.V. is an emergency vehicle which is used by the LEGO City Police Department. It can be unlocked by building a Call-In Point at the LEGO City Airport.

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How do you get Rex’s Galician?

In the Crosstown Tunnel, about halfway through on the southeast side is a door that only Rex Fury can open. The red brick is behind the door. Further up the tunnel on the northwest side in the direction of Paradise Sands is another door which only Rex Fury can open. It contains the token for Rex’s Galician.

How do you unlock bonus missions in Lego City Undercover?

Bonus Missions

Enter “3D74QF9”, “3GCC7XR”, or “N7NN4F9” as a code at the terminal between two garages in front of the police station, and the two garage doors will open.

How do you beat the dinosaur in Lego City?

Begin the fight by grabbing one of the large barrels on the periphery of the area and slinging it into Rex. Approach your downed foe and engage in a button-mashing prompt to knock him down again. Finally, walk to the interaction symbol on the ground to grab the dinosaur by the tail.

How do you build the ferry in Lego City Undercover?

To build the ferry and reach Albatross Island, you’ll need 15,000 super bricks. Open the [Data Scanner] and you’ll see a few in the Police Station parking lot. But, you don’t have to hunt for Super Bricks here. You can explore the city and collect as many (or more) than you need.

Where can I buy Rex Fury?

What is the cheat code for Lego City Undercover?

Remastered Version Cheat Codes
High Speed Chase Bonus Missions Go to the terminal outside of the Police Station and input one of twelve codes: 3D74QF9, 3D9KQC7, 3DC76H4, 3DQK9XH, 3GCC7XR, 3GF9GVL, 3GHFFV7, 3GNN4FC, CS60138, N7NGKFD, N7NN4F9, or NKRDHV.
Vehicle: Chan’s Drakonas Go to the Extras menu and input HPWLHNA.

How do you get to the Statue of Liberty in Lego City?

To reach Lady Liberty Island, Chase McCain must travel to the Promenade Gardens in Downtown and use his Rex Fury disguise to lift a large orange-handled box which sits in the middle of the Gardens. Lifting the box will drop a pile of LEGO pieces. McCain can then assemble the pieces to form a teleport station.

What is the last mission of Lego City?

Chapter 15 – Far Above the Call of Duty is a Mission in LEGO City Undercover. It is the last numbered chapter in the game, and the next to last mission in the game.


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