How Long Have Britney Spears and Sam Asghari Been Dating?

So happy together. Britney Spears and her boyfriend, Sam Asghari, have been linked since late 2016, made things Instagram official in January 2017 and have been going strong ever since!

Britney has dealt with a lot of family drama, but her beau has helped her feel secure through it all. “Britney is very anxious and is trying her best not to let her family and legal situation worsen her anxiety,” a source exclusively told In Touch in September 2019. “She’s been really trying to use healthy tactics to counteract the anxiety. Sam has been helping Britney every step of the way and trying to keep her mind off of things. He’s a good influence in that sense.”

“Sam has been taking her on hikes in picturesque locations and running outdoors to try to combat the stress,” the insider continued. “They both love doing things like that. Britney wouldn’t normally feel comfortable hiking in a public spot, but Sam makes her feel safe.”

And it’s not just the tough, more emotional stuff that Sam helps the singer with — he also makes sure to boost her confidence as often as possible! Later that year, Sam showed his lady some love in the comments of a selfie she posted that showed off her abs. “My lioness gettin’ it,” Sam commented on the awesome photo of the “Toxic” performer. Goals, right?

The model and actor believe he and Britney really hit it off right from the start. The duo met back in October 2016 on the set of her music video “Slumber Party,” and Sam said of the experience, “A good friend of mine was working on the music video at the time. They told the casting director, ‘You should cast this guy,’ and then they sent my pictures to my [future] girlfriend and she picked it. She said, ‘I want this guy.’ And that’s how it was.”

“At the music video, we connected, we talked,” the personal trainer added. “We talked about, ‘What do you like to eat? Sushi.’ … And then [exchanged] text messages and, next thing you know, a date. Just like a normal couple.” Stars — they’re just like us!

The pair have come a long way! Another source told in August 2021 that Britney is “really optimistic” about her future with Sam and “has put together a beautiful vision board of her dream wedding and future plans.” 

“She got creative and cut out images from magazines and is using photographs and drawings,” the insider added. “She adds to the vision board most days.”

Learn all about Britney and Sam’s relationship in our gallery below.

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