Here’s a Step-by-Step Breakdown of Donald Faison’s Scrubs Dance!

Nine years after the series finale of Scrubs, there are still moments of the comedy that stand out in fans’ minds. One of those moments was Dr. Christopher Turk’s audition for The Cool Cats — an air band formed by the Janitor and Ted. The band was holding auditions, and Turk was definitely not impressed by Dr. Todd, who was hoping to be the lead vocalist.

Cue Bell Biv DeVoe’s hit single “Poison” and Turk’s impressive dance moves, which included a Michael Jackson high kick, the running man, and of course, his signature swag. All that was missing was a with his BFF J.D. and it would’ve been perfect. In the words of the Janitor, “I don’t know what ‘it’ is, but he’s got it… He’s so damn talented.”

In the episode titled, “My Half-Acre,” The Cool Cats almost don’t get to perform when Turk mocks Dr. Kelso, who retaliates by banning air banding in the hospital. However, by the end of the show, Turk, the Janitor and the rest of the guys are rocking to “More Than A Feeling” by Boston.

More recently, Donald Faison, who played Turk, reprised his “Poison” dance on The Queen Latifah Show and fans were loving it. Oh, and his moves were so iconic they were also featured on the popular video game Fortnite and it’s known as the “basic dance” on the platform.

In honor of Donald’s birthday month, we are breaking down his “Poison” dance — keep scrolling for the step-by-step instruction to channel your inner Turk:

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