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Original name:
1973 American EagleOther names: Aloha Eagle Suit, Aloha SuitDescription: White jumpsuit with matching blue lined cape. Red lined kickpleats.Belt:Second “American Eagle Belt”Third “American Eagle Belt”
Two almost identical versions were made of this suit, which were both worn during the “Aloha shows”. Apparently, the suit Elvis wore during the rehearsal show was slightly bigger. It”s also the version Elvis wore later on tour (and in Vegas) in 1973 and 1974.Three belts were made for this suit; the first one was never worn on stage, as Elvis gave it to actor Jack Lord as a gift before he ever got to wear it. The second belt was identical to the first one, and it was worn during the two “Aloha shows”. The third belt had some minor differences, and it was worn everytime Elvis wore the suit after the “Aloha event”. Elvis also wore the 3rd “American Eagle Belt” with the “1974 American Eagle” jumpsuit in May 1974 (on tour and in Tahoe)The cape that was worn with the “1973 American Eagle” was not the original one. The one that was originally designed for the suit, was way bigger, and way too heavy for Elvis to use on stage (pictures below).Nowadays EPE/Graceland has both of the suits, one of the (three) capes, and the “third belt”. A private collector (LM) owns one of the capes, as well as one of the first two belts, apparently also Ed Parker has one of the capes & belts on his possession. Also the original long cape is in private hands. It was sold during one of EPE”s auctions.

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Photos with Second belt (1973)


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Photos with Third belt (1973)


Photos with Third belt (1974)


The Suit and belt differences


The difference on the second picture, when looking at the area between the eagle design and the belt. There are three (3) tiny stars, instead of the two (2) tiny stars you can see on the other two pictures, so the suit Elvis wore durng the “main Aloha show” (middle picture) has the three stars. This could also indicate that the suit Elvis wore during the rehearsal show might have actually been the suit that Elvis wore on tour later in 1973, as well as in 1974 (third picture). The difference between the “second” and “third” “American Eagle Belt” is that on the third picture Elvis is wearing the “third” “American Eagle Belt”, while on the other two, the “second” one. Exhibited in Graceland

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