Duggar Husband Austin Forsyth Has World’s Strictest Parents

Although the Duggars might have a monopoly on big, strict religious families, they are far from the only ones. In fact, fellow Duggar-in-law Austin Forsyth comes from a family that might be even more strict and firm in their controversial beliefs than the Duggars. And we know what you’re probably thinking: “How is that possible?” Trust us, we were wondering the same thing. But after doing a little digging into Austin’s parents, Terry and Roxanne, we discovered some startling facts about the family.

For one, unlike the Duggars, the Forsyths are a small four-member family. Roxanne is actually Terry’s second wife, and he has other children from a previous marriage. Considering how strict the Forsyths are about purity vows and no kissing before marriage (lest it lead to divorce), it’s a surprising footnote in the family’s history. After the divorce, Terry had a religious epiphany to start a Christian camp to teach others about family togetherness, since he apparently thought he was an expert on the matter. The camp is currently under controversy yet again for inviting polarizing speakers like Michael Pearl and Bill Federer. And that’s just touching the surface of why the Forsyths might just be way worse than the Duggars. Below, a quick rundown of their strictest moments.

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